Friday, October 29, 2010

Amae Koromo

Whelp, here's Amae Koromo.
A pretty popular fig lately, mostly due to AmiAmi having it on sale for 49% off, guess they were over stocked or something.
At any rate, it was a good chance to get a nice figure for cheep, regardless of why it might be marked down.
I'd say 3,300 is certainly a good deal for this lovely figure that I considered buying once before, but didn't because I'm just not made of money.
Don't be surprised if you see this same fig popping up a lot around ebay and other such places for sale.

~The box it comes in~

And here she is right out the package.

Rear view

Her left side

Her right side

Simply adorable if I do say so.

So after opening the box, couldn't help but noticed some, I guess you could say, errors in the paint job.
looking closer, it looked like the paint sprayer used to paint this fig kind of spit out some paint in areas it shouldn't have.
Around the collar bone and on the side of the dress are some spots because of this.
This I got to say, really really bugged me, a lot.
I thought that maybe this was the reason for it being marked down, but after closely examining the images of others who received the fig around the same time I did (others taking advantage of the deal) they all looked fine.
So it became clear I just  had some bad luck, yet again...

I checked on AmiAmis about dameage,defects ect, and this is their stance on the matter

Occasionally you may notice small imperfections in paint or parts on your item. These are naturally occurring inconsistencies caused by the mass-production process and are not considered manufacturing defects

So yeah, oh well I guess.
I also read there they can do something about packages with broken parts, as with my Ritsu, that I went on about here: k-on (yui) figma review
but it's way to late for that as it has to be done 2 weeks after getting the item, oh well I guess...

It's hard to see because of the low image quality, but I highlighted the problem areas below

At least her collar kind of hides the spots on her chest, the ones on the dress are kind of hard to see from a few feet away if you don't know where to look, so I guess it's not all that bad, but it still bugged me a lot.


  1. That's a really nice figure. The white background on the photos make her look so dazzling.

    I can sort of see the paint job problems on the images you highlighted, but I understand what you mean. It doesn't seem that significantly visible though. Imperfections and errors bug the hell out of me too.

  2. She's very beautiful, shame about the imperfections. I'm not sure if turps would remove those marks.

  3. Those are some really nice professional looking photos. Shame about the paint inconsistencies though. I that kind of stuff too.

    Since I also got this figure I guess I don't need to tell you how great I think it is. It's a shame though that the next one to be made is Nodochi, I would have preferred Kana, Hajime, or Mihoko.

  4. Beautiful figure, beautiful pictures.

    Second time's the charm.

  5. Amazing photos. The paint errors is a shame but don't let it bug you too much.

  6. >It's a shame though that the next one to be made is Nodochi, I would have preferred Kana, Hajime, or Mihoko.

    Agreed, there's a lot of saki characters out there, it would be nice to see them make some of characters that don't already have figs at all.

  7. It sucks about the paint job but she still looks like a nice figure.

  8. such a cute figure, I wish I had the money to buy all the cute figures I see evertywherre\(*__*)/

  9. My Koromo figure had the same problem with the paint. It was still worth it to have my waifu though.

  10. She's cute.
    Shame about the paint job errors on yours, though.

  11. Very nice figure. I should start reading the manga one of these days.