Thursday, August 25, 2011

Milim Ixus

crimson grave's milim ixus
1/8 scale
 Originally ¥6800
Released in 12/2007
Made by Beat. 

 Bought it for 61.00 USD, (that's with shipping if I remember correctly)
Not half bad for a still new figure that old I think.

 This was my first time buying a fig off MFC
( )
It's a place where you can buy figures from other collectors, but of the things that makes it better then places like ebay where people sell their figs, is that here you can see the persons figure collection and any photos they might have taken of their figures.
It gives a very good idea of how they treat their figs.
My transaction went as well as could be.

Heh, advertisements for other figs in the box flaps.

This was a interesting extra, I had no clue what it was at first, but later realized they're decals for figure, primarily for the nipples.
Which we'll get into latter.

 Whelp, here she is right out the box.

No assembly needed, not even attaching the stand, which is screwed into place.

No maid outfit is complete without oversize bows!

one thing I must note here, is the bottom of the broom scratches the base plate, and leaves paint on it, so it's best to try and pull it up a little, so as to keep it from having direct contact.

I must say, I'm, rather fond of the pose.

As you may notice, the top and bottom of the dress don't fit seamlessly.
The broomstick mostly holds them together.
so a little bit of quick fiddling around and it's fixed!

Most people tend to really look down on this fig, but I'd say it's a nice view.

I do have to wonder, how exactly she found herself in this situation.

Just as with the gap in the dress, she came with this noticeable gap with the front and back of the hair.
although it wasn't muchh of a effort to fix.

the broom stick can be removed, but without it, the outfit wont stay together. 

The top end of the broom is made of a rubbery flexible material, where as the bottom half is solid.

And of course, she is a cast off figure.
You might be thinking her breast look horrendous.
The reason for this is because they're made out of a squishy substance, not really sure what it is honestly, but it's rather soft...
uhh.. yeah...
anyways, it seems like a interesting feature, but it makes it to where the thing doesn't fit together very well, trust me, the gap bellow the breast is much more noticeable in person.

Sadly, not anatomically correct.
When researching this figure, I never once saw a photo of it without the panties, and thought they couldn't be removed.
I was surprised to find otherwise.

Here as you can see, I tried applying some of the decals she came with
It didn't go so well needless to say.
As you might be able to imagine, the flat decals did not apply to the round surface easily.
this was after having left the decals strapped in place for hours with rubber bands as the water dried.
yet they were still wrinkled in the end.
I may as well note that the arms need to be removed to take her top off, and the torso of course needs to be pulled off to remove the skirt and panties.
The clothing parts shown on her back can't be removed. 

Most people really hate on this fig, and I don't really blame them, the facial expression only looks good from certain angels, there's the breast that don't sit well on the stomach, and the decals are a bitch to aply.
But I don't regret buying this one bit, and rather like having this figure in my collection.

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