Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Kousaka Tamaki from To Heart 2 Another Days
By Kotobukiya
Originally sold for ¥6800
Released 02/2008
scale is 1/8

Got this one new off Yahoo.jp for 3000 yen if I remember correctly.

You can never have enough of that packing material.
but in this case, I dunno, there was a really annoying and hard to get off peace under her skirt. that wouldn't come off, that among other things made me think this might be a cast off figure, but It doesn't seem so.
I ended up just leaving the plastic rap peace under there after picking at it for half an hour with tweezers, not like it's visible when the fig is on the base anyway.

First off, the base/seat
Decent enough detail all round.
Comes with a number of indents all over it, so it's not something that can easily be used with any other figures.
But whatever, better then indents on the fig itself, that's for sure.

When looking this figure up before buying it, I had thought most people didn't bother to place it properly on the stand from what I saw.
Because as you might notice, it looks like she's almost floating above the seat from some angels.
and I can assure you, it is indeed placed properly in the groves.

It seems like her eyes are overly dark, and hard to see any detail on, but that seems to have more to do with the character design this figure is based on than the figure itself

as you can see, her leg doesn't really sit flush on the arm of the chair.

It almost looks like she's to big for the chair, in terms of scale.

Call me crazy, but I think that hand is supposed to be a bit lower and holding the edge of the seat.
Where it is as is looks kind of unnatural I think.

 At any rate, how the things fit together aside, I'd say it's not a bad figure, I guess