Monday, December 24, 2012

Sakamoto Mio

Strike Witches - Sakamoto Mio - AGP (Armor Girls Project) review

produced by Bandai
made of ABS, PVC
Msrp of ¥4000
released 2012/08/25
Measures 125 mm (4.88 in)

Got her off Amiami at 62% off. It was a hard deal to ignore. She's 1/12 scale so I figured she'd go with my Strike witches figma perfectly, and that she does.
I honestly don't have much confidence in Max Factory to finish the strike witches series. As far as I know there have been no news on any figma after Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen, and If you look at how quickly they rush out full sets of more popular series and compare to how long they're taking with these and consider the fact that most of the remaining characters aren't really 'that' popular, if they do continue with the series, it'll be years until they produce the main characters. Besides, they seem to be shifting focus to videogame and western/3DPD characters. They already dropped the touhou series from the looks of it oddly enough.
Bandai on the other hand has made it very clear they intend on doing the full set.

The box she came in was a bit thinner than I expected. not much else to say about it.

 Comes with a fair amount of accessorize.
Not really sure why there are two swords, but whatever. The smaller one can be inserted into the included sheath.
instead of a extra full lower torso like the figma have she has just the thighs, which works fine I think, on the flip side she has a full head for the ears.

Didn't take me long to notice this little problem with her arm.
That's right, she has two left arms...
Don't know how they pulled this one off... It's kinda funny in a way...
I messaged amiami about it a few times, they said they'd send me a replacement part. I'll update this post if/when that happens.

  anyways... arm aside, it's a pretty decent fig, I don't think it's really worth the 4,000 jpy price tag, but it's not bad. I'd say the quality is only a tad bit lower than a typical figma. I've heard some bad things from other people with the same figure, many report that her sword brakes easily, though thankfully I haven't had that problem myself yet.
The Miyafuji Yoshika Figma comes with the same gun, and I think this one looks a fair bit nicer. The wrists have their own tiny little joints, they can be a little hard to work with when replacing hands.
It's a bit of a shame she didn't come with her trademark laugh face.

Gotta say, I really love the stand she comes with. It's sturdy and there's no struggling to get the peg into her hole like with some figma. and doesn't feel as fragile ether. the lenth is also pretty nice, one of the things I really don't like about the strike witches figma is the length of the poles on the stands, they use the same size default for every figure but I think they're too short for strike witches.
I can really see why this same type of stand is sold as a stand alone.
I'll probably take more pics after fixing the arm problem.

Took a while but amiami was able to get me a replacement arm.
scale is pretty much the same as figma, so it goes with them pretty well I think.

 Sakamoto has the same type of gun Yoshika has.
The Figma gun is the one on the bottom, AGP on the top. I think I like the AGP more.

Haven't been posting much lately becuase I've been too busy, though I do have plenty to still post about.

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