Friday, October 26, 2012

Emiya Kiritsugu

Figma number 151, Emiya Kiritsugu of fate/zero.
produced by Max Factory
made of ABS, PVC
sold for 3619 jpy
 released 2012/09/29
I bought this from otacute for $45.50.
Not really much else to say here...

 Comes with everything shown.

 Not really sure what kind of gun this is.

 neat how it's on a little hinge.

 Comes with one of each of the two types of cigarettes, I'm guessing in case you lose one.

The official images didn't have me all that confident, but I think it's not half bad in person.

 So as I waited for this fig to arrive, I built a little display set thing.
After thinking up some plans and getting a idea down with photoshop, I printed out a grid to represent what i was gonna be making to get the sizes and stuff right.
Didn't want to waste ink in the old printer after all by reprinting something multiple times.

 Not really sure what you call the stuff, but the material I used for the base was like a cross between wood and cardboard, kinda like a really tough cardboard...

 So after putting it together I took it out back and painted the sides black, and gave it a over pass of some matte clear coat I have laying around, just to get an idea of what the stuff looks like when applied to something.
oh, I also carved out a hole in the front for a small switch I was going to put in latter, and a hole near the back for some wires.

Here it is after printing out and gluing all the images in place.

Can't say I'm that crazy about how it came out, I knew the sidewalk was going to be a bit short, but damn, it just looks strange and makes figs look huge on it. that said, it was kinda necessary to make the sidewalk that narrow, since the focus is actually supposed  to be on the street part, which I'll be having a figure with vehicle on.
I also think the door stands out too much, didn't want it to be just a solid brick wall patter for the whole thing but in retrospect that might have been better. 

Anyways, fig is pretty cool, though fingerprints sure do show up easy on him.

I'm not sure if it was already like that when I got him of if I somehow damaged him, but after a bit I noticed a pair of large cracks on his chest area.
Don't know if that's a common problem with this fig or not, haven't noticed any others with it.

For some reason, I couldn't get him into a pose that didn't look strange with that gun.

I get what they were going for with this extra face, but couldn't help but find it a bit on the creepy side, but I think it works for this sort of thing.
 I don't get why they don't like doing villains/bad guys with figma.
like, they're action figures.. but they don't... like... you know...
I mean they're always posed shooting at or fighting with characters that aren't there, you ever notice that? like, wtf?
like, why did they make a action figure of Irisviel von Einzbern, but not Kotomine or any of the characters who actually did something? 
I gotta say, this is kind of why I, while I like figma, I don't like the guys that make the.
They have a real strong tendency of avoiding moe anime and focusing on more action based stuff, but will focus on the moe characters from those works while ignoring the male characters. Obviously Emiya is one of the few exceptions, other exceptions to this are mostly just when the franchise is extremely popular, in which case they'll make multiple versions of every main and supporting character they can. they'll even ignore characters that are popular so they can make figures for self gratification purposes. for example, making a figma of Irisvel, a character most people don't give a crap about, while not giving one to rider who was a popular character people were down right begging the makers to do.

One other thing, I'm getting fucking sick and tired of dealing with blogger's bull shit.
it's a fucking pain in the ass to post with their set up. but now it's acting up more than ever.
fucking thing keeps deleting the images I upload and the text area is all sorts of bugged up as I type this, everything keeps running from my cursor as I pass over it. I swear this shit will not stay still, and I don't just mean text moving as I type. Half the time I can't even see the damn thing that lets me know where I'm typing. I think I might switch to word press or something after this, I don't know, it's not like any of the people who are listed as following this blog actually do so,  the amounts of traffic I'm getting here really makes this shit not worth it when combined with how shitty blogger is.

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  1. Yeah, that last face 100% gives off a creeper look.

    Nice work on the display. It looks really good.