Thursday, December 9, 2010

revoltech date masamune

revoltech 079 Date masamune (aka: the one eyes dragon) from sengoku basara!!
A badass fig I picked up a few weeks ago off ebay on a sort of whim.

For those of you unfamiliar with the character
This character is (very very loosely) based off a real life Japanese samurai.
( for info on who he's based off see: )

The character comes from a line of hack and slash videogames
( a bit of gameplay: )
and an over the top anime, the kind in which whoever yells the loudest is the strongest.
 anyway, back to the fig

~other sides of the box~

and here's everything that's included
Just look how many swards the guy comes with, good lord.
you can never have enough swords, right guys?!

One thing I got to get out there before hand is that revoltech stands suck.
I guess they're very proud of their little joint they made from the fact many revoltech figs have images of the joint on the boxes and on that that coin thing they come with.
but really, using it for the stand is just a bad idea.
putting aside the awkward shape and positioning of the stand,
 The joints just can't support the weight of the figs they come with.
All it's really good for is keeping the fig from falling over, that I suppose is the point of a stand, but there's no need to make it that big or give it joints if that's all you'd use it for.

I just said to heck with that peace of junk stand and used a well made figma stand.
the pegs are the same size, so don't even need that claw bit that comes with the figma base.
1 sword

2 swords

4 swords

and all out with six. 

One thing to note here, is that although the swords can't be sheathed.
The handles that are already on his sheathes can be removed.

This here is another of the things that bug me about revoltechs, the boxes are so tiny they come with, even those lame Figma bags are better then this, because at least you can fit all the parts that come with a fig with those, but every revoltech I have comes with some parts that wont fit in that box.
This here makes me ask why they even come with a box in the first place if you're already going to have that in a bigger box or bag or whatever because of the parts that don't fit.

Here are some revoltech boxes compared with a single figutto box.
As you can see, you can easily fit four revoltech boxes in a figutto box, but to be fair, figutto do cost a bit more.

The few typical revoltech problems aside,this is a one cool fig.
 Maybe some day I'll get around to getting to getting Yukimura too.


  1. Revoltech stands don't make any sense to me. Why would they give you a stand that makes posing near impossible for a figure made for posing?

    I'm not too familiar about the character, but it looks like a nice figure. The sheer number of swords he comes with is amazing.

  2. That's a really nice figure, even just for the swords alone, six at a time is kind of badass if somewhat impractical.

  3. Sadly I'm not familiar with the character, but 'badass' is the only way I can describe this figure. Nice purchase! I keep reading complaints about those silly Revoltech stands. A shame it's a typical problem.

    >even those lame Figma bags are better then this

    I love those bags, dude! They keep my accessories safe and organized ;_;

  4. Woah! Nice figure. And great pics. Keep it up.

  5. I haven't played any of the Sengoku Basara games but this guy looks pretty badass. Six swords at once is a great idea for any situation.

    >Revoltech Stands

    Why don't they just redesign these things? I'm pretty sure the number of complaints should warrant this.

  6. All those swords. Wicked awesome.

  7. Aye, those Revoltech stands are complete shit. I tend to just use the base with the feet, without the peg arm.

    I also put all of the hands into the tiny box and then put that box into a bigger box. Everything else goes in a separate compartment. It seems to work.

    I was always interested in this figure. Even if I'm not familiar with the character (like with most of my other figures) he's quite the badass.

  8. I'll try using a Figma stand with my Lazengann to see if it's better at balancing him. Honestly, I can't get it to balance at all. It's a combination of a stand that can't support the figure's weight, and the fact that the middle of the tail is used as the point you plug the stand into.

    Really? The tail? Why?

    What's even worse is that the box shows all these super cool poses that you'll never be able to do.

  9. Holy crap, it fit in perfectly and actually holds the figure up.

    Thanks so much, man.

  10. yeah it's funny how they show the figs in all sorts of cool poses on the box, but the crappy stands wont let you do them, and it just falls over, makes me think they clue the stands in place, or hold the fig up with something else then shop it out.

    and yes they do have some odd placement for the peg holes, most of my revoltech have the holes in their butts, makes me wonder if they're trying to say something there.

  11. Just to let you know, i'm Jelly as crap bro. I've been wanting to collect fig's like this for a long time, sadly i've never gotten into it like I wanted! Maybe I will, once I have the funds. That fig is pretty badass. :)

  12. God, Date really is badass. He was my favorite in Sengoku basara.