Saturday, March 16, 2013

Asahina Mikuru

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu - Asahina Mikuru
 produced by Max Factory
Scale: 1/8
MSRP: ¥4800
released: 2007/05

Had my eye on this for a while, and snagged one off Mandarake for 1500jpy, which came out to roughly $30 after shipping fees and stuff. This was actually my first time buying from mandarake.

Box was obviously beat up a bit. got it used after all.

I'm surprised balance isn't a problem with this figure, her pose has her leaning a lot to the side.

I noticed there are some parts of her hair that didn't get painted properly in some corners, but it's not that noticeable.

All around nice quality.

Unfortunately there was a bit of a black streak mark thing on her leg (it was a used fig) but outside of really bright light it's not that noticeable. probably one of the reasons it was so cheap. This is something that goes for around $70 on ebay after all.

This is a darn nice figure, it's no wonder it's so popular.

and yeah, trying out a new background and some new stuff with photo editing. I'm always experimenting to try and get better looking photos.

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