Friday, December 17, 2010

Trigun: Revoltech No.091 & No.092 Vash/Wolfwood

Revoltech Vash and Wolfwood made for the new movie, Badlands rumble, a pair of figures I got just before starting this blog.
Got them from amiami for at something like 1,800 each I think. 

The boxes they came in, nothing special here.

and here we have all the stuff they come with, not bad if I don't say so.
They've both got those crappy stands
gut shot action type things (not really sure what you'd call them)
they both have the same box
they both have an assortment of 9 hands
wolfwood has the parts for his cross including a strap for carrying it around.
They both have two extra faces, but wolfwood has another hair cover so you can have the faces with or without the sunglasses, I almost  always leave them on him because he's cool like that.
It's kind of nice wolfwood comes with two cigarettes even though there was no reason to include 
 those same stand, action type things they include with 9 out of 10 Revoltech in different colors.
and just as with other Revoltech, those point chip things, which I have no idea what the point of is, but whatever, I've got another 20 points, hooray!! what do I win?!

It's a bit of a cheat but Vash's coat makes it easy to stand him up alone.

One thing that I found very confusing with both figures was this set of hands they come with.
Empty trigger/gun hands,  but as shown above, the guns they do come with are permanently attached to the hands. They don't come with anything that can really be used with them.

I borrowed a handgun from a figma, but as you can see, it doesn't fit at all.
I latter discovered that I over looked something on the box that explains this.
apparently it's to be compatible with the assembleborg line.

One would think it would make more sense for the these toys to have their own guns compatible with their own gun hands, instead of including 4 of the same hand, but with two stuck to the gun.

 It would have been nice to maybe use their guns for other figures and they would have you use assembleborg guns with theses.
Just being able to place Vash's gun in his other hand would have been nice, but oh well, this works too I guess.

Something that really bugged me about wolfwood's cross, as cool as it is, the center handle is extremely loose.
Very often it would fall down, either buy tilting down or just falling out of place all together.
spinning around freely in there does allow for more posing, but at the cost of it just not being secure,
I had to place tape along the sides of the handle circle to get it to stay after the cross fell out of wolfwoods hand and busted a bit at the gun barrel tip, nothing a bit of glue couldn't fix.
Also. the work on this could have been better, it looks kind of like the base plastic was a bit scratched up during production then painted over.

Vash might not have as many accessories as wolfwood, but he does have a kind of nice possibility with his coat.
but it should be noted that the joins are pretty small on the coat and some don't support a lot of wight.
I know it's what he's supposed to look like, but it just seems like wolfwood doesn't have very much detail at all on him, at least not compared to vash.
Most of his body parts are just a solid black.
Another bit of nitpicking, his hair peaces are a bit lose,  and because of that spiked hair, they can sting your finger a bit when pushing them into place.

Of course vash would need to come with his hidden back up weapon.

and of course there are some balance issues, but the cross gun isn't as heavy as you would think.

It's nice they included that bullet hole covered steel girder, it's something that can be used as a stand, but it's hard to get vash to stay up on the thing, mostly because the thing isn't connected all that well the the base, not well enough anyway. So i mostly just use it for decoration.

That gun fire bit is something that really weighs the gun down and is something one might need tape or glue or some other help with to keep the cross from falling.

As was shown earlier, one of the things wolfwood comes with is a pair of cigarettes, which aren't attached to his hands, pretty cool they aren't stuck to the hands but I do worry a bit about losing them because of just how tiny they are. no bigger then a grain of rice.

was going with a pose from the movie here, when placed together, it really makes the detail on the figure stand out and look really nice, even if not exactly true to the on screen character level of detail..

Nitpicking aside, I'd say they're pretty darn cool figs.

on a related note, the movie was kick ass, be sure to check it out!


  1. they're very nicely designed. I didn't think low production volume figures like this would be so poseable.

  2. These are really cheap. I thought about buying Vash back when I had money. Good to know some of the things you pointed out before buying it.

  3. I thought about getting Vash too, he looks fun.

  4. I was somewhat interested in Wolfwood for that cross, but now that you mention that it is loose, I'm not so sure.

    Cool figs.

  5. very impressive figurine collection! followin!