Friday, February 11, 2011

se kirara

Kagura Aya from the VN Se Kirara.

 If you don't already know,  Se Kirara is a VN that was released for free to actually market the figures, a nice idea if I don't say so, with doing this, they don't have to worry about people not wanting to buy figures based off something they never saw or played, because it's free, there's no real excuses not to play it.

 Out the box, as you can see, they needed a second compartment for everything included.

She really does come with a lot of nice stuff. 
Aside from the typical stand and hands she comes with a bunch of cats, a violin with case, toothbrush/toothpaste, and a pair of cups.
Just nitpicking here, but again I have to ask, why not just give the hand holder thing ten slots already if they're going to keep including more then eight?

 Just look at all the cats she comes with! that alone is awesome.
Two of the hands she comes with are specially meant for that cat she's holding, which has groves in it to match the hands to make the cat easy to hold up.
 (cat ears borrowed from the Azusa figma)

 The violin she comes with.
not that bad of detail, but it could have been better..
the violin fits in the case perfectly, but the other part which is supposed to clip to the top really just did not want to, so I just gave up after a fair bit of trying.
Just like with the instruments that come with other figma, this violin has no strings to it.
So just as I did with my k-on figma, I added on some stings to her violin, and the little bridge that's supposed to be there, which was a bit of a pain as they kept coming off.. and after doing so, I think it might have looked better without.

Another thing I'd like to point out here is that in official images for this figure, you might notice the inside of the case is a sort of tan color, but after looking around at other peoples photos, it would seem I'm not the only one with a black inside, not that it's necessarily bad, I just found it odd their photos where different in that regard.

 The cups here were almost like a joke I thought, the white one is to big, not just in scale I think, but she can barley hold it,the handle is rather thin and falls easily out of the closest thing she comes with the a hand for holding the cups, the pink one on the other hand, is to small, and it can barely go into her hand, but just at the end, her fingers can't fit into it's hole at all. I guess both cups are meant to be held with both hands after all like on the box art.

 This as you can probably already guess is my main complaint with this figure.
 I don't know if this is a problem with all the figures of her, or just this particular one I have, but her arm came off surprisingly easy, falling off on it's own at times, and it was pretty lose, so it made posing a little harder.
I find it strange her other arm is perfectly fine, that it would just be one side, and of course I tried popping the thing in as far as I could, but it just didn't seem to want to go all the way into her shoulder.

Problem aside, it's still a vary nice and very cute figure.

If anyone's interested, she's currently on sale over at hobby search
Makes me regret not waiting longer to get her..

Now I just hope the vn gets translated some day.


  1. A nice figma. I always like it when they include more than enough accessories. I was about to go check out the VN she's from until you said it's untranslated. Oh well.

    >Makes me regret not waiting longer to get her..

    I know that feel. But I can't help feeling paranoid that they'll sell out of the figure quickly. I always end up buying it when they're released.

  2. >Just like with the instruments that come with other figma, this violin has no strings to it.

    I hate this. The instrument is the accessory that attracts me the most, but I hate how Max Factory skips on little details like that.

    I hope the VN gets translated one day.

  3. Looks like a cute figure indeed. A ton of cats, and an instrument! Those are some nice accessories..

    >I hope the VN gets translated one day.

  4. that's a really kawaii figma-figurine, she looks very nice

    I will have to look out for that game and play it one day^___^

  5. The accessories are nice, and she looks cute, but not to my taste.