Monday, August 8, 2011

Misaka figma

Misaka Mikoto
figma sp 014
from To aru majutsu no index ( and Toaru Kagaku no Railgun )

I was kind of disappointed originally by the fact this figure is only available in a bundle with a psp game, selling for something like 6,500 yen.
(but made pissed when they did the same thing to kuroko)
but I managed to get one without the game off using a proxy bidder, so I was able to save a few bucks.

The box she arrived in, no window to see the fig on this one, probably becuase the game was meant to be the main item here.

And here she is out of the package.

Not a huge amount of accessories, but it's decent.
2 extra faces
8 extra hands (exact number of slots in the hand holder) 2 of which holding coins, and one with her cellphone.
1 bag
1 electric spark accessory.
and the stand assembly.

Very first thing I noticed with this figure was her sides bellow her arms.
I couldn't help but think it looked rather odd, I even checked official images of the fig to make sure it was supposed to be like that.
but I guess it makes sense, helps improve mobility.
that front part of her vest along with the skirt are both made of a flexible material by the way.

I was a bit surprised to see she came with 2 coin hands, as opposed to just one, but whatever, double railgun!

Pretty cool cellphone I think, although there's nothing on screen.

seemed kind of like they were trying to put some focus in the show at times on the different styles of cellphones they all carry, but that might just be my imagination.

There's a tiny little frog key chain on her bag, but there's really no detail to it, it's little more then a green bump.
This frog head is something I've had laying around for some time now, seemed like a good match.

 I think she likes it.

Of course this wouldn't be complete without a shot of those shorts.
(Vending machine not included.)

In summation, it's a pretty nice figure, my only complaints being the bs forced bundle/price (why couldn't they have one version with the game and one without?), and the very noticeable slits on her sweater vest.

Now wish me luck as I try to hunt down a Kuroko figma for a reasonable price!

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  1. Sweet.

    I'm hoping NISA packages White Rock Shooter with the Black Rock Shooter game. That would be awesome, since I'm gonna buy it anyway.