Sunday, November 21, 2010

Good Smile Company Touhou Project Nendoroid Petit vol.2

Another package from otacute.

No posters or advertisements used to rap it up this time.

They included this card with the package though.
It's always nice to get a little bonus, no matter how little.

and here with have the figures package itself

As said, this was ordered from otacute.
 Item cost was $36.50
Total: $45.09 with SAL shipping.
shipped on 11/05/2010 showed up on 11/18/2010 not bad..

~other sides~

out the box.
You may not be able to tell, but they have a ton of plastic rap around nearly every part of each fig.
Base was taped to the back of the inside box

Here's everything they come with
as you can clearly see, Marisa comes with the most stuff here, a hat, broom  and a pair of replacement arms.
Patchy just has the hat, and Alice with her doll.
They each come with their own stand aside from the big green one by the way, They're pretty much imposable to stand up on their own without the stands.

Marisa being awesome with her broom.
Her right..
and her left..

Patchouli being all moe with her book.
Because of the arm with the book, her head can pretty much only turn to her left.
her left..
Her right..

and Alice being cute with shanghai.
something many people complained about with this figure,
As you can see, shanghai has no face.
But to be fair, she is pretty tiny.
Their right..
and their left..

Can't forget about that base now.
Their stands pop right into the holes.
but those stands feel as if they could easily brake, and you have to apply a bit of pressure to pop them into the slots.

Switching Marisa's arms around is a pain in the ass.
it was almost like the arms didn't want to go in.
Also, her hat likes to fall to ether side.
There's an image on the box that shows her hat can be clipped onto the stand to stay in place, but it didn't want to hold it seemed, and in place made the hat tip to one or the other side.
Patchouli's hat however, stays on fine.


  1. I've seen this before but held out because the set seems so tiny. This is pretty cute though!

    Nice photos as always.

  2. They look cute. That's a nice base as well.

    >You may not be able to tell, but they have a ton of plastic wrap around nearly every part of each fig.

    All the more to preserve that delicious new figure smell ;_;

  3. It just occured to me that I've yet to add any of your stuff to my page.

    I'm feeling so lazy though..

    Anyway, nice pictures! Ah, I'd get these if I had the money..

  4. Oh man, they're cute.

    >It's always nice to get a little bonus

    I wish all my packages included bonus items. It makes opening the package that much more fun.

  5. I saw this before but when I was going to place my order, it got sold out.