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 figma #160 - Haiyore! Nyaruko-san - Nyarlathotep

produced by Max Factory
MSRP: ¥3333
released: 2013/01/25
Bought this one off otacute, probably the last fig from there I'll be buying any time soon. this figma and the kuroyuki figma came out within a week of each other and they wouldn't let me combo/ship them together. This was the second time this sort of thing has happened. recently had it happen for the third time with some other purchases so I got tired of the site and let them ride. that on top of their overpriced items that don't reflect the current JPY rate at all. for example, this particular figma cost close to $50, on amiami it would have been $10 less.

 Box it comes in, bit more colorful than I expected.

Not exactly a lot of accessory, but the crowbar and grenade are nice. rest is pretty par for the course for a figma.

For the most part this seems like a pretty good quality figma, but the checkered print wasn't very well applied in my opinion. while it isn't noticeably bad or stand out at all really, the pattern is kinda broken uneven, doesn't match the trip of the skirt very well at all, most noticeably in the front.

 A nice thing about the grenade she comes with, is that the peg in the hand used to keep it in place is the same size as the hole found on the back of figma. This means you can use a regular stand to prop the grenade up in the air.

 Decent enough crow bar.

 It's a very nicely made figure with a decent range of motion and is kinda fun to play around with. I should point out that the front hair pieces are flexible rubbery stuff... I honestly have no clue what that material is.

Another thing worth noting is that her ahoge is removable, which is good for moving it around, and would probably brake easily if left on permanently. Unfortunate, this seemed like a missed opportunity for some extra accessories in the way of different ahoges, as we've seen this character's ahoge can change in different situations in the serise.
Tried making a ahoge of my own. was simple enough but kinda came out looking crappy becuase I had a hard time getting the paint to match, and probably shouldn't have used a brush... Made it using a rubber coated bendable wire thing.

as I said, this is a fun figure to play around with, so just for the hell of it, I made a get down video using this fig.


caramelldansen .gif from the above video.

For the video, I had to take a crap ton of photos and spend a fair amount of time editing them to reduce the amount of flickering, don't have a webcam anymore which made the process very lengthy using my cybershot. anyway, bellow are all the images use in the fast moving segment. In each photo I tried referencing as many other figma as I could.

 This one barrows nekomimi from figma #061 - Nakano Azusa

 This one has items from figma #054 - Ein

Not a figma per-say, this is just the Santa Cosplay Set - Small ver. that came randomly with Figma #100 Miku (Append).

 Wanted to reference Figma #123 - Ika Musume with that beer mug, but also tossed in the saki bottle from figma #055 - Hakurei Reimu.

This one has swords from both figma #003 - saber and figma #072 - saber alter

 I wanted to toss in some references to the haruhi figma I've got, but most don't come with many accessory. Stand wasn't tall enough so there actuality is a little balancing going on here. This chair is from figma #001 - Nagato Yuki

 This horrible pose features swords from two versions of blackrock shooter. figma #sp-012 blackrock shooter and figma #116 blackrock shooter game version.

The bra used here is from figma #080 - Akiyama Nozomi.

 gitah here is from Figma #057 - Hirasawa Yui

Item here comes with Figma #SP-001 - Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi

Items here are from Figma #101 - Gokou Ruri

papillon pose was a pain, hair made it a bit tough to get the wings in place. Wings are from Figma #154 - Kuroyukihime

Items here come from Figma SP-014 - Misaka Mikoto

As with the Haruhi figma, I wanted to do something with the luckystar figma I have, but they don't come with many accessorizes, at least not the summer version. and I didn't have the winter versions at the time of shooting this. Cat thing is from figma #046 - Takara Miyuki

Famous spinzaku pose using a gun is from Figma SP-002 - Lelouch Lamperouge

Cat is from figma #078 - Kagura Aya

Dio Brando pose using items from figma #076 - Izayoi Sakuya

Parts from Figma - SP-019 - Shirai Kuroko

Sword here is from Figma #025 - Shana

Items here are from figma #005 - Takamachi Nanoha, and figma #009 - Fate T. Harlaown

That hat doesn't really fit well so it's kind of just balancing there. Items here are from figma #068 - Kirisame Marisa

guns shown are from figma #074 - Miyafuji Yoshika and figma #149 - Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen

Item here is from figma #052 - vita
stuf here is from figma #103 - Itou Kaiji

(to be or not to be)
Skull is from figma SP-013 - Dead Master

This one has items from figma #014 - Hatsune Miku and figma #035 - Hiiragi Kagami

And finally, this one has items from figma #151 - Emiya Kiritsugu, and figma #011 - Tohsaka Rin.

I could have done more, but I was starting to wear out the joints of this figma with all the poses so there you go.

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