Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st Nendoroid Petit

This here is the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha box set of 12 Nendoroid Petit.
This was bought from Hobby search as part of a sale they had going (that I missed out on with a lot of nice figs) but I was at least able to get this and another fig I'll save for another day.
Regular price was 5,715 yen but I paid 2,857
This comes with 11 different figures, one being a secret character not shown on the boxs

A little bit of cutting dotted lines and we get this.
This is what it looks like in retail mode,
I can just imagine this on a store counter somewhere.

Here are the individual boxes
and the other side.

and here they all are
I was a bit worried that I might get more then one double and not get all the characters, but it would seem the retail boxes aren't packages randomly at all.

here are our main combatants with their magical weapons.
(Though Chrono didn't seem to do much fighting or anything in the movie from what I remember.)

Fate and Nanoha in casual wear

Nanoha with her class mates.

Nanoha and Fate's partners.

Now for some individual shots

First we have Nanoha, this fig had some trouble with her left arm, which doesn't like to hold onto her staff much.
Problems are common place with Nendoroid Petit after all.
The end of the staff has a bit of over spray with the gold paint, but over all the paint quality is perfectly fine for something of this size.
Also, Nanoha here was the once extra/double that came in the box, I figure I'll toss it up on ebay latter.

Here we have Fate Testarossa.
I kind of liked the transparent detail on her weapon, it's something to be expected and not a big deal, but I thought it was still nice.
Not sure if I really like the angel at which she's facing here, she probably should have had a slightly taller stand as I assume she's supposed to be in air.

Chrono Harlaown

Yuuno Scrya
This guys cape gave me a little trouble when assembling, it wasn't exactly the best fit and it wants to come off easily once in.

Interesting thing about this fig is that her stand is made differently then all the others, because her tail and cape cover all of her back, they made the stand hold onto her legs as opposed to using a hole in the back like normal, which she still has in her back, just hidden by her tail

Alisa bannings
Although she might have been a minor character in the movie/show, I took a liking to this fig, I found her rather cute..

Tsukimura Suzuka

Takamachi Nanoha

Fate Testarossa with Bardiche in hand.

Takamachi Nanoha with Raising heart. (or was that raging heart?)

Here we have Alicia Testarossa,
The secret character of the pack

And lastly here's Yuuno and Arf in their alternate forms, Yuuno here is just unbelievably tiny.

Rather nice figs, not without their problems of course being Petits, but still nice.
Oh, and yeah, the stands still suck and I'm amazed one of mine has not broken yet.

On a similar note, The movie is now out on blu-ray and dvd so go check it out!
It really was an awesome movie and does a good job of remaking the first season of the series which by itself I found a bit slow.. but they did a really good job with that movie.


  1. Those are really super cute. I saw quite a few of those kinds of boxes in Tokyo when I was there. But I also heard bad things about the nendo petite lines...

  2. Very nice pictures. (And a great google-bomb title.)

  3. It's great that all the characters were included. This is the main reason I shy away from buying these sets.

  4. That's pretty considerate of GSC to make it not random. They look adorable and the sale price tag makes it even more attractive.

  5. Yeah, they're really cute. They're currently on a really good sale, which I assume you snagged these from, considering the price you paid.

    >That's pretty considerate of GSC to make it not random.

    Yeah, when you buy the box set from them, they don't rip you off. I hope Movic does the same, caus I ordered Hidamari figures from them. But I doubt it, and knowing my luck I'll end up with tons of dupes and missing the figures I wanted the most from the set.

  6. Oh my, how delightfully cute.

    Looks especially good considering the price. Really nice variety in one neat package.