Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kotobuki Tsumugi

k-on!'s kotobuki tsumugi, 1/7, waitress version.
By Max factory and sculpted by Nakayaman
Released on 5/23/2011 for ¥8800

The very large box she showed up in, almost to big for my photo area.

 and the back end.
Some assembly required.
They tossed in some instrucsions as shown, simple enough to fallow.

 The base she comes with, nothing fancy, but not bad I think.

 Food shown comes detached from the figure, meaning they can be used for playing around with other figs

 That ice cream tower comes right out the glass with nothing holding it down.

Here she is before adding the food trays on.

Her balancing skills are amazing, that's fore sure.

This really is one tall figure!

 Here's a better shot of the food trays, just look at all that food, doesn't it all look tasty?

Brought out the figma Mugi for size a comparison.

This is without a doubt a excellent figure.
Darn near flawless, although some complain her dessert tray isn't very secure, I've had no problems with it.


  1. Another reason why Mugi is the superior K-On girl.

  2. What if you put figma Mugi on top of Mugi.

  3. tsumugi is my least liked k-on character.

  4. I didn't like this so much when I saw the stock-pictures, but your picks makes me wanna buy this figure so much ♥ And Tsumugi is even my fav K-ON! character.

  5. That's some nice looking detail on the food. That outfit looks great on Mugi overall.