Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saber Alter

Figma number 072, Saber Alter (Fate/stay night)
produced by Max Factory
made of ABS, PVC
Msrp of ¥2666
released on 2010/07
135 mm (5.27 in) tall
Bought this some time back, at least more than a year ago, off ebay for like $20 or maybe less. 
 Just never got around to reviewing it, mainly because it had a broken arm joint, and I couldn't fix it easily because it had superglue all over the place, preventing the joint from moving and keeping a peg that broke off stuck in the arm.
But i recently got my hands on another of this fig, and swapped some parts and left it to someone else to try and fix that broken arm.

It's generally best to avoid ebay for figures, most of the figs there are very overpriced, busted up, missing parts or counterfeit. (all of the above in some cases)
To be fair, I knew this one had the problem it did when I bought it, I thought I could fix it, I was wrong, But it's all good now.

Anyway, here's the box she comes in.
and out the box
The accessories she comes with are pretty basic, aside from the standard figma stand and bag, you have 8 extra hands, sword, extra face and alternative hair peace.
But that's all it really needs, and I can't imagine what else they could have include.

Pretty cool fig, but I've had a fair share of trouble with her shoulder joints, might just be me, but they've fallen out of place quite a bit while posing.

I gotta say, she has some real problems holding onto that sword.It's worse than the saber figma with this problem, and only stays in place if you push it all the way in.

 (pics taken before this point were done with my old lightbox)

I don't really know what else to say about the fig, so I guess I'll leave it at that and show more images I took, not like anyone cares what I have to say anyway right?


...paint job isn't bad, I guess.


Sure is spiky...

Pretty cool fig for sure, I just don't have a lot to say about the figure itself.
I suck at these reviews anyway, seems like this blog is more of a photo thing, I guess I should try to focus more on that.
I'd like to think the quality of the photos has improved a lot lately, but they're not perfect.
This is probably the best I can do until I get a better camera, and I do feel like I'm pushing the one I got to the absolute limit of what it's capable of.
But I can't really justify the purchase, since pics of figs is the bulk of what I use my camera for, and honestly the traffic this blog gets is abysmal.

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