Friday, January 7, 2011


Toyota AE86 Trueno

Not exactly a figure, but still worth going over I thought.
Those of you familiar with initial-d should have already recognized this car. 
I got this thing from a shop some time ago for $30, The idea of an RC AE86 seemed to awesome to pass up,but left it in storage until this last Christmas, and it wasn't till then that I noticed one small detail I had over looked before, This A AE86 Trueno, not THE  AE86 Trueno, by that I mean, it is the same car that was in initial-d, but it's not actually an official initial-d toy, so there are some things that would be a bit different, but fortunately, the AE86 in initial-d wasn't modified very much, so it should make fixing this car up to mach fairly easy, all that's really needed is a decal on the side.
If I ever do get my printer working again, I'll try making that decal it's missing,

This thing didn't come with a manual or instructions or any paperwork, all that stuff seems to be on the back of the box, which I can't read for the life of me but who cares right?

 Here is is strait out the package, looks almost good enough for display as is, almost.
 And here it is in all it's glory...


As you can see, it doesn't exactly have an awesome paint job, here and there the paint was brushed on a bit where it shouldn't have and in back Back as shown it's missing a bit of paint, but it shouldn't be very hard to touch up, besides, seeing as how this is an rc car after all, some damage is gonna happen sooner or latter, so it's not that big of a deal to me I guess.

 One neat thing here is that the lights work, but only when moving (had to prop up the car and hold down the accelerator) and they're fairly bight

back lights too~

Not very much detail on the bottom at all...

You might wonder why it has tape over the wheels, well that's something I did to try and get the thing to drift a bit when I was playing around with it.

The controller is a little on the crappy side.
The plastic used seems kind of, I don't know, brittle, and the sticks on it get stuck if you push them all the way to either side, also the battery cover doesn't close completely when a battery in it.

Just me messing around with a screen

Over all, paint app is a bit sloppy, has a  weak ass controller, kind of lame it turned out to not be official but that's what I get for buying on impulse, It's not very fast and it has average handling for a cheep rc car, it seems to only have a working range of 12 feet or so, just about what you might expect.
After reviewing this car I'd have to say it's probably worth more around $10-15 not so much $30, but then there was no having to pay for any shipping I guess...
Still kind of disappointing overall., and I wouldn't recommend it.

(and yeah, I edited in a few updated photos)


  1. It's not an official Initial-D toy, it's just a Toyota Corolla AE86 Trueno. And that's what you got, a corolla trueno. If you want to have the trueno of Takumi, just add the Tofu shop sticker to it, and you'll have the corolla trueno of the anime :D

    It's really nice, I wish I could get one like that. However, I wouldn't have space to place it.

  2. Awesome photography. That car looks really nice! The lights look great and add a nice touch.

  3. That's pretty cool, I laughed at the green screen shot

  4. It has a sort of blocky charm I think
    Nice pics!

  5. It has some sort of blocky charm, indeed. The controller wasn't as charming, though.