Thursday, February 3, 2011

Miyafuji Figma

Figma number 74, Miayafuji Yoshika of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, strike witches.
2,595 yen (plus 1690 yen for shipping) off amiami, and boy let me tell you, the wait for this one felt like an eternity, and this awesome figure was well worth the wait.

reverse view~

Here's a better view of all the goody's she comes with.

Very nice detail on her striker units as you can see above, Based off the Mitsubishi zero A6M3a, they come with two sets of propellers, a stationary one as shown and a pair made to look as if they're spinning at full speed.
I should note that they can be spun manually.

Not that I'm complaining here mind you, but they packed in more then the holder can handle,
Which I've noticed them doing with lot of figma lately, you would think they'd just increase the holders size, but that's just silly nit picking.

Miayafuji Yoshika reporting for duty~
(Hand above was borrowed from the Yui figma )

Nice detail on her gun here, a Japanese navy 13 mm Type 99-2-2 Machine Canon I believe.

A rather nice thing about this gun is the cross hair which can be raised and lowered.

The strap for the gun reminds me of the straps for the guitars on the k-on figma, but this isn't as think or as hard to put on/take off.
Trying on her striker units for size, they actually seemed to be a bit large for her, leaving a gap around her thighs and allowing them to shift around a bit.

Included with the figure was this warning, I might not be able to read it, but it was clear from the illustration that one should take caution when attaching the striker units.
I didn't pay much mind to this, but it would seem there was indeed a good reason for this.
The black paint on the edges of the striker units can and will rub off onto the figures legs, this I learned the hard way, and trying to run it off only made the area shiny, which didn't look very good on the mate paint finish.

Surprisingly, I had no problems at all with balance really.

One little problem I did have with this fig, was her tail,  it fell off a number of times and didn't want to go in all the way, with her default torso anyway, with the extra one she comes with however, it fits and stays perfectly.
 One thing I noticed here was that they changed the base that normally comes with figma, it's less foggy and has a sort of blue tint to it, looks nicer I think.


Oppai hunter~

( Hat not included )


  1. The hat should be included though ;_;

  2. She's great, but yeah I would have liked the hat included too, because the Nendo has a hat.

  3. I've noticed the changes in the figma base too. I would agree that it's for the better.



  4. Sucks about the paint. I've had that happen as well, and now a few of my figures have permanent marks on them.

    Looks fun to play with, though I don't personally like Strike Witches.

  5. The striker units and gun are the most appealing accessories to me.

  6. I like the machine gun. Caught my eye.

    I haven't watched Strike Witches, though.