Sunday, April 6, 2014


Houkago no Pleiades - Subaru - 1/8 (FREEing)
Released 29-10-2012
msrp ¥9333 
Dimensions L=320 mm (12.48 in) H=195 mm (7.61 in)
Produced by FREEing
got this one off amiami on a heavy discount. I forget exactly how much but I think it was at least 50% off. said used but didn't seem to have been opened.
Honestly can't remember around when it was I got this figure, maybe a year or more ago. kept it boxed till I got another display case

Rather large box she comes in.

I kinda like what they were going for with the base,  although being as it's slightly transparent you can kind of see the supports on the other side of it. not really a big deal.

here's the base partially assembled. It feels like ages since I've seen the anime so honestly I can't remember what they called the thing there they ride on, but it looks pretty nice at least. wouldn't be too suppressed if that cross shaped part at the end were to break off at some point, seemed like it had some wight to it and not much to keep it in place.

 Figure slides into place pretty well without any problems. No balance issues.

Hat being held in place by magnets is a nice touch. magnets are something I never tire of seeing incorporated into figs.

 Something that really bugged me was how the hands don't line up properly with the poll.

 depending on what angle you look at it from, those hands might look like they're not even thought the poll. Glueing them in place is something that had crossed my mind. but whatever.

Part of me worries about the balance in the long run. I dunno but seems like the part holding her up could break after a while.

  Detailing isin't half bad all around.

overall this isn't a half bad fig aside from that hand thing, which I tried bending into place for the pic above but obviously it just bends back. Anyways check out Houkago no Pleiades, it's a pretty short ova and not half bad.

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  1. Beautiful figure. I noticed her when she went up for preorder but these are the first user shots I've seen. I actually really like the weight distribution on this piece. The cape is great. Nice grab.