Sunday, May 25, 2014

Girls und Panzer Panzer IV Ending ver.

Girls und Panzer - Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. D - Pair-Dot
 Released: 2014-03-07

msrp: ¥5200
Dimensions: 90 mm (3.51 in)
Produced by Pair-Dot
 So I got this one off amiami after preordering it. I really couldn't resist.
Didn't wait too long to unbox it, just been lazy about getting a review up is all.

 Not a very big box it comes with. The design of it is pretty straight forward.

 The tank that I revived had a surprising about of detail to it, a lot more than what I expected so I was somewhat impressed by that.
 Right away you can notice some seam lines on the cannon that stick out a fair bit. The hatches also have some but they don't seem as bad, there are however some mold injection points that I feel shouldn't have been put in the front like they are. If they were on the other side they'd be hidden.

more seam lines on the fuel tank.
Something that I found to be somewhat odd was that the treads are flexible, yet are in a fixed position. None of the wheels turn at all. It's a bit of a shame but I guess it doesn't matter if you're just gonna leave it on a shelf anyways.

 I noticed the turret can turn a bit, and the cannon can be raised and lowered as well. The turret can't turn very far though, the image above shows it turned all the way to the right and the cannon all the way to the top.

The image above shows it turned all the way to the left and the cannon all the way down. while it's a nice to have some moveable parts the cannon can't really move when the figures are in place.

 The figures were of a bit better quality than i expected and have possible heads. gotta say though, they -really- don't balance well on their own, getting them to sit up was a pain.. not that it really matters though.

 They all fit into the tank without too much trouble with the exception of maybe mako who did take a minute to get into place.


 One thing I found really cool was the insert of the box which has the background design from the ending credits of the show. While waiting to revive the item in the mail I had thought of creating a display with that same background in mind.

 I may still make a display someday just becuase of those fold marks.

goes together with that background pretty well I think.  Although the treeline is a bit high. I suppose if one wanted to though they could just cut the bottom off a bit, or fold it lower.
All around I was rather pleased with this one. Was pretty well done for the most part. Aside from the fixed treads I don't really have much to complain about. The thing is indeed small, but I wasn't expecting it to be any larger than it was.

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