Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Marika, from Mari & Gali
 by Evolution-Toy
 Released at ¥6476

Mari & Gali, if you don't know, is a anime that is meant to be somewhat educational, and teach kids about science.
Mari being someone that doesn't like science and who gets stuck in a world of science to learn to like it.

There are actualy two versions of this figure, one that's a limited version and a fair bit more pricy not shown here comes with two extra faces and a t-shirt, they used the same packaging for both versions, so that's what the deal is with that white sticker there.

The box is a lot bigger then it needs to be, it's got a big unused space I assume was for the t shirt in the other version of this fig, but kind of just nitpicking here.

All the stuff included in this version.

 The stand she comes with is very, awkward, It's certainly very sturdy but doesn't work that well with her I think.
 Mari has a un-removable ribbon on her back that makes it rather hard to attach the stand, I think this may have been a bit of a design mistake, it was almost as if they never took the stand into account as they made the figure itself.
I also can't help but think it draws attention away from the figure with it's large size.

It might not look it, but it's a bit of a challenge to get her to stay up without a stand, the umbrella only tosses her balance off even more.

I really though that dark blue/green part on the handel couldn't be removed after fighting it a bit, which with the hands she came with didn't make any sense at all, one hand is closed so it can't be snaped on, the other barely holds into it at all, turns out you just have to REALLY force it off, and oh job, it left some black marks on the bar as it came off.

It was a real pain in the ass to get her to keep this pose, she's really a poorly balanced figure, combined with lose joins makes it kind of hard to pose.

"pet" as he's called in the show, is hallow, and a bottom view makes that very clear,  also shows that they didn't paint in there, I think they probably should have caped that off, but I suppose it makes for a makeshift finger puppet?

I really think the poll/handle on her parasol is way too short, It makes for hard/limited posing.

The paint app seems fine, and it's she's certainly cute, but one other problem I have are the knee/arm joints, they seem kind of weak and they don't offer much rang in movement because of their simple design, only being able to move them one way, they're also kind of lose, they don't hold in place that well.
 It's not even very big, it might look big, but it's no taller then the average figma.

in my opinion, as cute as she might be, this is a rather sub par figure with a nasty price tag, two things that done add up well together.
now if only they would finish subbing the show!

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  1. doesn't seem to fit the 6+k price^^

    the stand looks really awkward, but the character is cute anyway[^__^]