Sunday, September 18, 2011



from sukapon do
By kaiyodo
Sculpted by Bome
 Sold originally for ¥4500
Released 2007/12

Fairly simple packaging..
doesn't exactly make it easy to stack in the big old pile of fig box I've amassed.

Got thins one off ebay on a whim of sorts. 
I forget exactly how much it was I paid for it, like $16 I think, since the guy refunded me for overpaying for shipping (honest sellers, who knew they existed on ebay?)

 As you can clearly see, there are no indents/groves, pegs or anything at all on this base to hold the figure in place.

The figure just sits on it as is.
In a way I think it's kind of a good thing.
Sure, the base is essentially useless, but it means no unsightly holes or pegs on the figure
I'd like to say the quality is good on this figure, and I would, if not for all the little chips in the paint, some more noticeable then others.
 Not sure how this came to be, but it is certainly a new figure right out the packaging, and that type of packaging is not something you can open then close again without it being extremely noticeable.

so yeah, don't really need to base for this fig, no problem whatsoever sitting up without it (obviously)
I think she looks a lot better and a whole heck of a lot more natural without that base.

Call me strange for not knowing a character's source material before buying a fig, but I believe this is based off an original drawing, not a character from any manga, vn or anime, but I'm really not sure about it.
Looking up the sources and everything else available only turned up two things, this figure, and the drawing at the top of this post.
Maybe there's more to it, but I'm no detective.

This is actually a cast off figure, but I honestly have no clue how it's supposed to 'cast off'
Typically a cast off requires separating the torso from the hips, but they didn't want to come apart on this one, and I really rather not force it.
So sorry for not having cast off pics here.

The price sticker on the box got me rather curious, and combined with the info that was on the listing, seems the seller didn't know very much about figs, and bought the fig along with a bunch of other figs after winning an estate auction.
An estate sale can only mean one of two things, the guy skipped town and left everything he owned behind, or more likely, died.
I honestly found this rather depressing, and made me question what would become of everything I own after I die, because that's what happens when you die alone without a last will or anyone to give your things to.
Maybe I'm overly materialistic, but the idea of everything I own in the world, being bid on by strangers who only intend on trying to make a quick buck off it, kind of bugs me a bit.
I mean, I spent the better part of my life collecting this stuff, only for someone acting like a vulture picking away at it after I die with the only thing on their mind being weather or not they can make any money off the stuff, it's.. well,  something I rather not think to much about.

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  1. nice bome figure

    as far as I know there's a version you can cast off and one where the dress is glued on the figure