Saturday, October 29, 2011


gokou ruri (aka, kuroneko) Figma
 from Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない)
Manufactured by Max Factory (マックスファクトリー)
Sculptor: Asai (APSY) Masaki (浅井 真紀)
Numbering: 101
Material(s) ABS, PVC
Original Price: ¥3047
Released on 2011/07/29
Hight: H=125 mm (4.88 in)

 Bought from otacute for $31.90 (not counting shipping)
She came out more then a month ago, but Didn't get her until recently because I combined my pre-order with another fig that got pushed back (Lynette Bishop)
I can honestly say she's the only thing that kept me interested in Ore no Imouto (yeah I'm really not into tsundere or incest)

First up, as always, the box.

Shown: everything included. 
Out of all my figs, I think this might be the only one with a sticker sheet, a few have water decal things, but no stickers, till now.
Two blank white plastic plates, and six stickers.. hmm..
whatever, I'm not complaining, more the better!
besides, there's other stuff we can use em for, as we'll show latter.

 This is just me guessing here so bare with me, but I think they included those tea hands, just for her to have something to do when sitting on that chair, and they only included the chair to go with the sitting position torso, and they only include that because her outfit makes it imposable to have her in a seated position which is needed in order for her to have tea.

 Good thing they included instructions with this fig, I never would have figured any of that out on my own, especially that last step.
(yes I realize sarcasm doesn't translate well online.)
At least they have enough faith in people to be able to figure out how to place on the stickers.

I really have no idea what the heck the deal is with these things.
I mean really, what's the point of them?
The only possible reason for them being there is as a form of packing material, something just to plug the holes and nothing more.
Seems like a waste of materials, why not instead have them be included as joints, which can and do sometimes brake, as a backup? They'd do the same job and would use up the same about of material.
 This chair...
Can't say that I care much for the yellow seat on this chair, something different, such as a color that matched the character, might have been nice on this chair... this chair... this chair...

Maybe I'm crazy( still waiting on the official word on that) but what's showing of her arm looks really thin here, like they'd be twigs  if you removed the sleeves.
 Also, it might not look it, but she has a very limited range of movement in her neck, unlike with many figma, that hair is solid, and completely prevents her from turning her head left or right unless you also tilt her head down.

Little bit of a error with the paint job, wouldn't say it's that noticeable when not in the light, kinda lame but could be worse, at least it's sort of on her backside.

 Comes with matching purse! 
So stylish~
Might want to note here, that thing really didn't want to stay in place, and only did stay there becuase her hair is holding it in place.

 Her purse doubles as a deadly weapon.

I kind of get that feeling this one would work well as a painting.


I thought they looked nice together, in spite of her name, they kind of match
 (cat borrowed from the Kagura Aya figma.)

It's tea time!

(neko mimi not included, well, there is, just not the one show, that's a different one.. uhh.. yeah.. oh hey I used one of them extra stickers to make a book out of it!)

Sure it's got a few faults, like the paint thing and the possibility, and sure if I had a dvd of the show she's from I'd use it to vacuum my floor(because it really sucked) but I don't regret buying it for one single minute.


  1. I never broke a joint, I mean I never will break a joint.

    also I never took a joint, what coincidence!

  2. I've never broken any myself either, just trying to give an example of something that those parts would have been better used as.