Tuesday, October 12, 2010

K-ON! (Yui) Figma

Now we finaly get to Yui from k-on!

I picked up this figma from amiami for 2080 yen a few weeks back when it was re-released
(057, released 4/1/2010 at msrp 2,800 )

Here we have the figure unboxed, and you can see, it comes with a few decals to be used with the included blank face.

The figure comes two faces, extra hands, a guitar,  a guitar bag, an alternate pair of shoes, and a stand.
The other hair piece she comes with is for the larger blank face. 
The bag which contains the face decals holds on the other side straps for the guitar and guitar bag, along with instructions on how to attach the straps.
Yui's guitar bag is exactly the same as Azusa's as shown below, Mio's guitar bag being the bit bigger one on the right.

Here is a close up of Yui's guita, and yes it can be placed in the bag.
It might just be me, but it kind of bugged me a bit how the figma guitars don't have strings, It's not really all that big of a deal, but still bugged me a bit.

 This is a pretty nice and fun Figma to play around with if I don't say so myself.

But why use that old boring white room when we have the k-on club room itself to play around in?

Yet again I found myself troubled by the lack of stings in that guita

So I went ahead and did something about it and added my own!
Now isn't that better?

But of course, that's not all that's missing here, we need the rest of the gang in here!

Now that the rest are here, lets go into them a bit.
I got  them all from amiami also, Azusa, Mugi and Mio for the same price as Yui, 2080 yen each, Ritsu with her large drum set ran me 2,840.

Here we have Ritsu's drum set.
For whatever reason, it's mission the rather large Yamaha brand on the front.
I would have printed it and added it myself, but my printed decided to die on me.
But that aside, the quality isn't half bad at all here.

And here we have it from the other side.

This right here really pissed me off.
Right out of the packaged, Ritsu's seat showed up broken, the part that broke off wasn't even in the box, so I couldn't try to fix it.
Guess it can't be helped

Here we have Mugi's keyboard.
It holds very nice detail on it as you can see.
The decals on this keyboard make it all the more odd that ritsu's drum set was missing such a simple decal on it.

and of course, it would have to have its own problem.
Not as bad as the broken seat, but this stand still bugs me.
It's made of some really cheep crappy material, it wont stand up strait and wobbles a fair bit.

and here we have them all being just being awesome like always.
(yuri goggles not included.)

and of course, as you can see, I also gave Azusa and Mio some strings for their guitars.
Awesome figs if I do say so myself.

And here are the images I made in case you'd like to print out your own clubroom.


  1. That's what the decals are for.

  2. Magnificent collection. That's great how you added strings to the guitars.

  3. That's actually really nice. It's cool how you've got the whole gang and the music room too!

    Also, do you have to apply the decals permanently onto the blank face? And you only get one blank face?

  4. >Also, do you have to apply the decals permanently onto the blank face? And you only get one blank face?

    That's actually why I haven't tried it yet.
    You only get one face, but the decals are the water requiring type that would be ruined if you tried to remove them, That's also why you get four of each face decal.
    I wish I knew where, if anywhere, I could buy other blank faces..

  5. >you only get one blank face

    If you would like to try it, this guy shows how you can recast the blank figma faces: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1-0ZZhU2P8

    I really like the guitar strings!

  6. Awesome, thanks, I might try that, I've been thinking about doing some custom fig work..

  7. The guitar strings look awesome. How did you do that? Just some pieces of thread and glue?

  8. Please tell me how you did put the strings onto the guitar.

  9. Just some pieces of thread and glue, that's all it was really.