Saturday, November 13, 2010

Figma ryoko asakura

 hryoko asakura
One of the older and more common to find figma.
I forget what it was exactly, but found her for a decent price so said what the heck and bought her. 

 other sides of the box
Yuki is cautious of this one.
 out the package

 not really a lot of extras with this one
It comes with everything shown,
a stand.
extra hands (with an added one for yuki)
an extra face
a nighf, 
and the head of taniguci.

 Here's the extra head it comes with for use with the male figures in the Haruhi line, 
but I don't have any of them yet.

 a warm greeting..

 ..then a cut to the chase.

 Here this extra hand with a slot just big enough for the blade, meant for yuki is shown.

 Yuki wins!

all better now


  1. LOL I love the fight scene you made!

  2. Awesome photos. I've been meaning to get Yuki and Ryoko for a while; Haruhi herself is the only one I have from her series..

  3. I should really collect the rest of the Haruhi line.

  4. >I should really collect the rest of the Haruhi line.

    I don't even have a single one. ;_;

  5. >What the hell, Taniguchi?

    Yeah, the random head does seem a bit weird. I guess they added it from the lack of accessories?

  6. You reminded me that I only have 2 Haruhi figures.


  7. Excellent photos! Ryoko's a great Figma. I have Haruhi and Yuki as well, though I still need to hunt down the other girls.