Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Desktop arcade

 Vol.2 & 3 of Konami's desktop arcades.
pop'n music and Quiz magic academy

Got this pair off, I think each one ran me like 1,500yen  (plus proxy bidder fees which ran it up to something like 3000 yen), I forget exactly how much they were..
Would have also have gotten vol.1 which is a beatmania arcade machine, but that one seems to be a bit harder to come by, and a bit more pricey.
Instructions on how to assemble them and place decals are here on the back of the boxes.

Here's all the stuff they crammed into the box, yeah, some assembly required.

and here it is after putting it together without the decals,
Not really much to look at without them stickers.
Really bland and boring.

and here's the decal sheet.

 Here it is with all the details applied.
Must say, it looks very nice.
The stickers make all the difference.

 The thing I love most about these things, and kind of the reason I bought them, they're perfect scale for figures like figma.
On to the next one we have pop'n music.
Not nearly as much stuff included with this one, it makes for a much simpler and easier build.

It might not have had as many parts or stickers as the other one, but it's still pretty cool I think.

Yuki is a master at this game.

 So yeah, there they are.
I'd certainly say I prefer the quiz magic one more, because of it being more complex and being more interestingly designed.

When putting them together, I had thought I lost some parts or something, because as you might see on the front of the boxes, it shows two possible modes, and the included manuals show how to assemble and place decals for both modes, but it seems the box for each only come with the parts to do one or the other, which was kind of a bummer.
The other quiz magic model could be built if not for the one missing part and some of the decals, pop'n music doesn't even need different parts for each model shown, the decals are the only difference with that one, you would think it wouldn't have really been a problem for them to let you chooses which model you wanted to make and include the decals for each.
That aside,  They're still cool I think and it would be nice to see more arcade machines get made into small models like this.

Also, becuase I some how acadently bought two of the Quiz magic academy arcade machine, I'll be tossing it up and over charging for it latter on ebay.


  1. They look GLORIOUS alongside Figmas. The scale is indeed perfect.

    The Beatmania one probably costs what it does because it's more popular, I assume.

    Erm, also, requesting permission to use your picture icons! I'll check back, but you can also email me. It's fine if you don't want me to.

  2. of course, go right ahead dude.

  3. They look pretty cute. The stickers really do make a world of difference.

  4. I have to agree with HHH and state that >They look GLORIOUS alongside Figmas.

    Seems like a marvelous purchase.

  5. >They look GLORIOUS alongside Figmas.

    I'm heavily considering a purchase now. Damn my wallet.

  6. Cool I didn't know stuff like this exists too.

  7. I did consider purchasing one of these but decided against, now I feel bad for not getting one, they look great!

  8. That's cool. They do look glorious together with Figmas.

  9. they looks very good, I would like to have such myself, they are just perfect