Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mikogami Riko

Mikogami Riko from Anyamal tantei kirumin zoo

This is one figure I was really looking forward to, I mean darn she's so cute, and I just  love the anime.
Picked up this adorable figure off otacute for $51.90 with another $11.89 for shipping.
I must say, it really bugged me they wouldn't let me combine it with another figure i had preordered with them that was released when I got this one, I paid for them both at the same time, and they showed up at the same time, it just seems kind of wasteful I guess.
The box she came in..
Everything needs more hearts!

 First off, the base.
I rather like the theme they're going with this,representing a stroll through a garden of sorts I imagine.
Paint job is pretty nice, can't complain about anything here, it certainly does do the job of holding her up perfectly well.

This figure darn near killed me with moe.
I almost can't stand how cute she is!
Honestly, I can't say one single bad thing about this figure
She's practically perfect!
 I'd say they did an awesome job all around, Especially for a figure of this price.
The only thing I can think to possible complaining about, is the crown, which I think might have been better if they tried to make it look more metallic, but I still think it's perfectly fine as is.
good choices on where to use a matt finish and where to use gloss I think.
Maybe I wasn't looking hard enough, but I wasn't able to find any mistakes in the paint, any normal  factory defects  like those casting lines and the sculpting looks flawless.

Can't forget about that cap.

I just have to say, I love this fig.


  1. >they wouldn't let me combine it with another figure

    I heard that a lot of people have this problem with Otacute. I guess Otacute thinks it is too much of a hassle.