Monday, February 4, 2013


Nendoroid number #020, Binchou-tan

produced by Good Smile Company
MSRP: ¥3333
released: 2007/11
Hight:  H=100 mm (3.9 in)

Bought this a few months ago but forgot to do a review of it until now. got this used after a fair bit of searching here and there, from a user on for around $40. Kind of my first full scale Nendoroid, (technically I have had others but they were for resale) I'm not really a big fan of Nendoroids, but this is one of the few that looks like the character it's based on. I guess a super deformed chibi version of a character who's already a chibi would be a bit odd.

 Comes with everything shown. She doesn't come with any sort of stand. I guess she's just supposed to balance on her back ribbon tail, which works alright.

Doesn't really have much poseability to speck of. The arms move on a single axis, and the legs don't move at all, but it can turn at the waist, at least the head is poseable. still, pretty nice quality all around as expected.

 One thing I found kind of confusing her was how the ribbon is supposed to work when to attach her other set of legs.

 I find it odd becuase the box shows her in that pose with the ribbon sitting flush on the ground. I don't get it. maybe you're supposed to remove the ribbon and leave it just sitting there? whatever.

Pukashuu is cute, but somehow less fluffy looking than it should be.

Anyways, this figure isn't half bad I think. not sure what else there is to say, so whatever.
still don't think I'll be getting many more Nendoroid any time soon. I bought a Akaza Akari Nendoroid recently, but that was mainly because I wanted a yuru yuri fig and there wasn't much else out there that was decent or affordable. I considered getting the milky Holmes Nendoroids for the same reason but decided against it.
whelp, till next time I guess.

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