Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dead Master figma

Now it's time for the Dead master figma!
Picked her up off amiami for 2230 yen

And here she is with everything she comes with
8 extra replacement hands
1 extra face
a stand
2 skulls
2 stands for the skulls
and her scythe

It's worth noting that the jaws on the skulls are movable.
As you can see, the polls for the stands they come with are uneven heights.
Also, the pegs/holes are the same size as the normal stands, so you could use them if you like.
I like the way they went about making the insides green like they did, almost makes them look like they're illuminated, even though they're not.

The background of the box also includes this cutout that can be used with the di:stage as shown.
Not sure why it's yellow though, you'd think it would be green.
That's all well and good and all, but I've got my own display stand already made as also shown with my black rock shooter figma
(screen cap from the ova for comparison)

and of course this wouldn't be complete without BRS herself
 (Someone wants a hug)

Clearly, I made the set way to small.

Dead master, so kinky

Very good figure over all.
probably my only complaint would be the lack of variety with the faces she comes with.


  1. I love how you displayed them in the pictures.
    The look so cool!

  2. Fuccccc- You have no idea how long I have wanted that D=

  3. I like the way you posed them in your pictures. Dead Master is so naughty~

  4. Great photos! Your display stand looks great.

  5. Great poses and photos. Such a lovely figure!

    >Dead Master is so naughty~

  6. She looks great! Nice photos too, the checkerboard background is neat

  7. I love the mix of screen shots and figures. It looks awesome!

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