Friday, May 20, 2011

Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi

Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi

Here we have the Haruhi cosplay Figma bundled with the ps2 game the particular character design originates from.
got this one off with a proxy bidder some time back, but took me forever to get around to opening it.

I'd be lying if I said I bought this for the game.
as far as that game goes, I thought I might have been able to as least try it out, because ps3s are said to not be region coded, and I have one that's backwards compatible, but turned out that region thing doesn't apply to ps2 games being played on it, and I couldn't play it.
I'd use a magic swap on it with one of my ps2s but whatever, on with the fig.
This is everything included, not sure if it was just me but no little bag for parts with this one.

Official images of this figma show her with a white stand, which I thought was kind of cool, but after opening it, it turned out to be normal, and I confirmed this after looking up photos others have taken of the same fig.

So what I did was take one of my crapper extra stands (which I think is from a bootleg figma) and painted it white.

A can of paint and a day latter, we have the end result as shown.

Much nicer looking if you ask me, or at least, interesting.

I originally thought she had the same exact head as the original Haruhi figma, but as it turns out, the hair is a bit darker on this one, and the front hair peaces have different notches, meaning you can't swap them.

The faces she comes with are nearly identical to the ones that come with the first Haruhi figma, with one in the center having the eyes looking in slightly different directions.

The ribbon on the back can be posed as shown which I thought was cool..
the lance she has is kind of a bendable material, with a bit of give to it, so it'd bend around if you tried to stab someone with it.
That skirt however is rather stiff, and rather short if you ask me, it's almost a challenge to pose her in ways that don't show off her panties.

 I recently learned that this was apparently the very first figma, predating all others.
which explains the lower quality and stuff with the stand.


  1. Awesome series and awesome figure.

  2. nice figure, actually this game isn't that bad

    you could try playing it with an emulator on your pc^_^

  3. Pretty awesome.

    I wish more anime based games would localized.

    I'm tired of finding out that all my favourite series have games but I CAN'T PLAY THEM.

    Not without a bunch of monies and some fancy hacking.