Saturday, October 16, 2010

Japanese life Nendoroid play set A&B

Here's a nice little play set from good smile company that caught my eye some time ago.
They sell for something like 1800 yen each, but I was able to get them both together for something like 2000 yen off

Now lets see what we got here!

Here we have em unpackaged.

Those clear little pellets there are used for holding the wall and floor parts together.
comes with a decent about of stuff I think.
And here it is assembled and cleaned up.

I'm sorry to say, I don't actuly have any Normal sized Nendoroid at this point in time.
Just a NendoroidPetit, with a few other petits ordered.

Real reason why I bought em was for my figma, but it was also why I was hesident about buying em, as they're meant for Nendoroi, I thought Fimga might not fit well with the set.
But although they are a bit large, they're not all that bad in it.
I have to say, I find it almost odd they haven't made anything like this specifically for figma yet, unless you count the di:stage.


  1. It's a dollhouse. A tiny, tiny dollhouse.

  2. Considering how popular the figma line is, accessories like this would sell really well.

    Nice pics, by the way.

  3. Oh you lucky bugger I wanted these! They look very cute.

    >I find it almost odd they haven't made anything like this specifically for figma yet
    I second that, I'd buy loads of stuff.

  4. The figmas seem to fit rather snugly in there. Nice work.

  5. SO CUTE. I bet it's super fun to move everything and just play out things~

  6. The fimas seem a bit bigger than everything else.

  7. I like the little sword on a stand.

  8. i would so buy it and live this life instead