Saturday, October 2, 2010

Black rock shooter, figma

 So I figured I'd talk a bit about my somewhat recently acquired Black rock shooter, figma.

Let me start by saying that that I really liked this figure, It boasts some very good quality got a figma and it cost less then most other figma, 2,080 yen off AmiAmi.
As shown above (in that low quality pic) it comes with the main figure, two stands, the usual eight extra hands, two extra faces, a separate front hair peace, the black rock cannon, a sword and a pair of chains. 

It came as a nice surprise that it came with a dvd of the ova, which they didn't say anything about on the product page.
The dvd may not have had any extras to it, but it was still a nice touch.
for anyone who might want to keep the envelop the dvd came in, it should be noted that its a bit of a challenge to get the dvd out without ripping up the envelope.

Just because I have to much time on my hands, I went and made a display stand for the figure used in
conjunction with the di:stage for figmas.
 And now for a few more pics of the fig!

The cannon is really hard to balance and pose with, becuase of how very over-sized it is.
although to compensate for that, this figure does come with two stands.

And yes, I do have death master on pre-order.

(took this pic a long time after first doing this review, and thought I'd toss it in)


  1. Thanks for reminding me I still need to watch that OVA.

  2. That leather seat looks really comfy.

  3. That's a nice figma! Too bad the OVA wasn't good but I do like the character design.

  4. That looks really darn cool. And Natsume is right. The leather couch/chair is super snazzy

  5. Yeah, I was surprised as well to see that it included the DVD.

  6. Haha, the leather was the first thing I noticed too. Also, nice display. It looks great on it.

  7. That gun's bigger than her! And she's holding it with one hand.

  8. so sweet and whit so big weapon:P ty:)

  9. It's GAWJEWS!
    I need to get me a BRS fig soon ;_;

  10. This is one of the best looking Figmas, in my opinion.

    >Thanks for reminding me I still need to watch that OVA.

  11. Please don't say lazy, really you are crazy!

  12. Nice, I recently watched the OVA and thought it was interesting.

  13. That's a cool figure. Cool background you made, too!

  14. What materials did you use for your self-made "stage"?

  15. >What materials did you use for your self-made "stage"?

    The base is 2 di:stage blocks.
    Some normal printer paper, scissors, tape and a printer.