Friday, January 4, 2013

gdgd Fairies

gdgd Fairies 3 pack by Phat Company.
 Released on 2012/09/10
MSRP of ¥2286
Hight =60 mm (2.34 in)
 Featuring Korokoro, Pikupiku, and  Shirushiru
Based on a show I honestly can't recommend to anyone which is made entirely with Miku Miku Dance.

Comes with eveything shown and some background things and stuff.

If you haven't seen the show, this is the magic  pond they use to view into other words, and try to guess what they're saying.

Changing the faces on these figs is a pain. You have to take their whole head off (which doesn't come out easy) and replace the front and back of the hair to do it.
I didn't change Korokoro's face because her neck piece got stuck in her head part, and I didn't want to damage it with pliers

The backgrounds and stuff this set came with was the deciding factor for this purchase.
they're pretty simple but still saves me the trouble of making something myself.

The log table was a bit more of a pain to put together than I would have thought.
For one, becuase the surface is glossy and stuff, the different glues I tried had a hard time bonding well. It's also kind of think making for some uneven bits but whatever. 

This room is where all the magic happens!

Just another day...

Anyways, these Figures are very similar to Nendoroid Petit, but I think I'd say they're a tad bit better in quality. That's not really saying much though. The stands are almost identical to Nendoroid Petit stands, and they feel just as brittle and hard to assemble. They don't fall apart easily like Nendoroid Petit, which is nice. There is a bit of balancing issues with them. Shirushiru's hair makes her fall to her left easily. and Korokoro is really top heavy.
Still, they're pretty nice, I mean if these were  Nendoroid Petit, Korokoro's hat wouldn't stay in place and their lower torsos would keep falling off.

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