Sunday, April 1, 2012


Figma number 003, Saber  (Fate/stay night)
produced by Max Factory

made of ABS, PVC
Msrp of ¥2666
released 2008/04, and again on 2011/12/06
140 mm (5.46 in) tall
Bought this off just before it got re-released.
Just took me a while to get around to opening it for whatever reason.

The accessories are just about what you'd expect from the average figma.
Although it doesn't come with a full set of 8 hands, but it doesn't seem like anymore would be necessary anyway.
 also, the stand didn't have any bubbles in it, lucky~

 (from this point on, all images were taken using my new light box I posted about before)
The paint application could have been better on some of the more detailed areas.

Comes with her two swords of course.

The skirt could be a bit cumbersome at times, easily moving out of place and just not looking rite in many poses.

one of her hands has a indent for inserting the end of the sword into, helps for poses like this.

Secondary hair piece has a somewhat smaller gap, which made it a little harder than it should be to to jam it in.

 I found it a bit tricky to pose her in ways that used both hands on the sword.

 Something I found interesting is the breastplate isn't permanently attached as part of the figure, and her dress continues under it.

 As you can see, it doesn't look right at all without that breastplate around the waste, still it's interesting that they would paint under it like that.

was going for a specific pose with this one, but the range of motion wasn't enough for it.

Another complaint  would have to be the hand parts that are meant to hold the swords, they're very lose and don't hold onto them very well, they can easily slide rite out depending on the way she's holding it.

I think it was a really nicely designed figma, most of the joints are hidden and out of sight, with the exception of the elbow joints, even the wrist joints don't stand out all that much.

Pretty damn nice fig over all though, nitpicking aside.

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