Sunday, January 27, 2013

Eila Ilmatar

 Figma number #149 review,  Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, strike witches.
 produced by Max Factory
made of ABS, PVC
sold for ¥3333
released 2012/11/22
about H=135 mm tall (5.27 in)
This makes my forth strike witches figma so far, and I’ll certainly try to get them all.
Bought her from Bought her off otacute for $35.90 + shipping
Probably not gonna be buying from Otacute very much anymore, their prices have been getting kind of bad, and there’s not much new stuff coming out I’m looking forward to lately.

Comes with plenty of accessories, but no tarot cards unfortunately
oh, and yeah I thought a blue background might be appropriate, just testing it out.

  Striker units aren’t half bad. but they aren't as well detailed as the ones included with the miyafuji figma.

The gap there there between the legs and the striker seems a bit big… noticeably so.  I really don’t think they’re supposed to be like that. but while it may look like it, they do stay in place fine.

speaking of the legs, her’s kind of bug me. she has this really strange curve bellow her knees as you can see, and I’m pretty sure the character this figure is based on doesn’t have bend Crus or large Calfs.

I didn’t notice this with the other strike witches figma, but some of the old original figma did have a problem similar to this and their legs would bend forward way to much. I’d say this like those looks very unnatural and weird. best not to focus on it I guess.

 Granted this is an exaggerated pose, but this shows just how far forward the knees would bend with some older figma along with the bend on the part bellow the knee. and granted this isn’t ‘as’ bad on eila, but it’s still a very strange design choice if you ask me.

  Anyways… This is still a pretty decent figma, even with it’s odd little flaws.

Of course, I can’t do a Eila review without Sanya.

They make for a nice pair.

 A very, nice pair.

yeah…  Once you’ve seen that neck joint it’s kind of hard not to notice it.

I should point out that she’s the first strike witches figma to come with this little thingy that goes on the end of the stand. I’ve seen them include bits like this for figures who’s long hair can get in the way of the stand, but I think this is meant to give the stand a little more length. I really do think the strike witches figma should have longer poles, but I’ve found after experimenting with the length on my own by adding in extra segments to a figma stand, that it becomes rather unstable and can tip over easily. the base isn’t big enough for figma posed high up.

All in all it’s still nice, still pretty nice quality over all.

At the time of publishing this post, there’s no word yet on any more figma in this series. maybe if we’re lucky they’ll make another two when the third season airs. but man, the guys in charge really don’t seem to like this series very much, that or it’s not selling well becuase they have no problem rushing out full+ sets for other series. If I have to finish off the collection with the similar AGP figures, then I guess I’ll have to. AGP Mio was alright, but the others don’t look very good from what I’ve seen so I’m a bit hesitant to do so.

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