Tuesday, October 5, 2010


After getting a few more di:stage blocks in the mail today, I decided to share a little bit about what they are exactly.
di:stage are essentially stands made mainly for figma, but can be used for other figures as it comes with an arm/claw piece that can hold onto most figures.
I've seen these things priced around $20 on places like ebay, but amiami has them for 445yen each

 as you can see here, they come covered in bubble rap inside of a cardboard box.

                                                                   Bags inside of bags

and here's eveything you'll find in the box.

added some paper below to make it easier to see.
with the parts included you can build them into different shapes in different ways for creating all sorts of different displays.


As you can see, they make for much better display stands then the small clear ones that come with figma.

but thats not all they're good for, as shown here, they're also good for being used with papercraft.
Most figma now are being released with cutouts in their boxs to be used with this stand such as Ein on the left here, or you can print out and make your own like I did with black rock shooter here on the right.

and here's a set I made useing six blocks as a base for my k-on figmas, which I'll go into another day.

With the expansion set, you can do things like this, adding levels and such.

With enough blocks, you can do all sorts of cool stuff.


  1. Wow never knew about these stands. Always just kept the few I had in a box. Thanks for telling me about these things =D


  2. Little houses for your little people! That's actually kind of cool, having the ability to pose them, like, wall running or something neat.

  3. I've known about these for a while. I desperately need some, man. Revoltech stands suck balls.

  4. These are great, need to get some for myself!

  5. I wanna pick some up but haven't found the right order to package em with.

  6. That club room turned out great.

    When I get more Figmas I'll have to get some of these, because they do look better than the stands that comes with the figures.

  7. That's really neat. I really like the chess set.

  8. I can't understand what is written in the first image!
    Nice collection, tho!