Thursday, October 21, 2010

Librorum Prohibitorum Index

This here is just a cheep little trading figure I picked on the other day from a shop, as opposed to the usual ordering online, it's not often I go to stores that sell figs, and as far as I know, there isn't one within 50 miles.
As most of you may know, stuff sold in stores like that are usually horribly over priced, but I still wanted to pick something up to at least commemorate the day.

 So anyway, got Index here for $15, msrp being 680 yen I think, fig is made by Chara-ani.

 Now let's see what we got here!
some assembly required, but not exactly rocket science.

 This thing is tiny!

The figure comes with a little stand, but the thing is practically pointless..
Literally, it has no point, spike, peg, pole nothing.
Looks better without I think.

Here we have her in a nice little spot among some new friends.


  1. Wow, she's really tiny.

    That sounds very overpriced.

  2. Aww so adorable, she's dwarfed by all the others!

  3. Hmm, yes sounds overpriced, that base is a bit pointless!
    Ah well, she's cute

  4. Oh god, that's adorable. She's even smaller than Tewi!

  5. Think I've seen these at my old comic shop/

  6. That's one itty bitty index with some even tinier silverware.

  7. Absolutely tiny, but so adorable!

  8. AURG-- S--So expensive for something so tiny and adorable.
    ; A;