Thursday, October 20, 2011

Itou Kaiji

Itou Kaiji,  Figma 103
produced by Max Factory
made of ABS, PVC
sold for ¥3333
released 2011/08/24
150 mm tall

This figure is based off the first season of the kaiji anime, and it's a real must see if you haven't already.
 Comes with everything shown
one of first thing I noticed is that the hand holder thing is transparent, where as it's always been white with all figma of the past.
He comes with two sets of those cards shown made of pvc, and some that come in a sheet with other accessories.

plenty of cards included to play your own mini games of rock paper scissors or e-card.
Some of those parts I have no clue how they expect you to attach, no instructions included with this fig.
I used tape for both the star patch and for the number vest, one would think those tabs go into the hole, but that hole lines up with the hole in the back of the figure for use with the stand.

 Not half bad detail, but the shirt looks a little strange if you ask me.
the upper part is made of a flexible rubbery like material where as the button is solid, and it's not hard to notice the difference just by looking, since the upper part looks almost sparkly.

 As said before, he comes with two kinds of cards, sold solid and some from that print out.
Those solid abs cards don't have nearly as good image quality as the set from the insert.

 pretty sure those cards should have yellow boarders, but I guess it was easyer for them to just make them solid green on the back.

 I found that part which holds up the text bubbles and clips onto his stand's bar, didn't fit as well as it could have, and would slide down on it's own, the text bubbles would also fall out of place a lot, so I used a little tap as a spacer.

 (yeah this set up sucks I know)
Here we have a game of E-card with Kaiji wearing that device set to drill into his ear.
The placement seems kind of off, little to far forward to be over his ear.
 (stand on the right not included.)

And for the final act, walking the electrified beam across buildings. 
I'm very curious as to how you're supposed to attach that number thingy to him, since there's nothing to really hold it in place in the back.
I added those black lines using a little black string and a glue stick, not about to use a pen and ruin the finish.

 Careful kaiji, it's a long way down!

Zawa... Zawa...
(claw arm not included.)

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  1. Kaiji is pretty moe. I already saw a few reviews of this one, but couldn't get due to financial priorities.