Sunday, April 22, 2012


Toppu o Nerae! - Gunbuster
produced by Kaiyodo
made of ABS, PVC
Msrp of ¥3000
released on 2005/09
160 mm (6.24 in) tall

Got this fig off ebay, years back really.
I think I got it for around $30 new.
 This was among one of my first anime related figs, once I started really collecting them.

box it comes in

 All the accessory's it comes with are as shown

 Comes with the crossed arm part becuase it's impossible to do it with the other arms.

Kind of strange that... thing, doesn't have any pegs or connector things, but it still manages to stay on somehow.

The stand it comes with might not look bad, but the positioning of the pole in contrast to the hole in the figure doesn't really work to well, in the pose above, the figure is almost falling backwards. it's especially odd, becuase the end of the pole is cute at an angle, restricting how it can be used.

 The way the joins work is bizarre, it's like trying to solve a puzzle when posing him.
This is becuase all the joins only turn in a single axes, but they're at kind of strange angels.
This isn't so bad for the arms , becuase there are multiple joints there, allowing for a fair amount of mobility there, but the legs  just flat out make no sense, it's like they're fighting you when posing them.
The legs have very visibly normal joins, but the thighs and ankles are joins on angels, that differ from each leg, they're like on permanent tilt, which rather restricts posing..
The head also had a very strange join system, it has two of those single axel joins, but one is just for moving the head up and down, and the other is tilting the head left or right for whatever reason.
Seems very strange that he would have two joins in his head, but can't turn it.

This is all obviously to hide unsightly joints, but it's kind of annoying to work with.

 Pant application is a little off the mark in some areas, not exactly beautiful work, but it's not a high end model...
I kind of regret not buying the more recent revoltech gunbuster, I might still, but it probably wont be cheap or easy to get anymore...

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