Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sanya V Litvyak

 Figma number 142, Sanya V Litvyak of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, strike witches.

produced by Max Factory
made of ABS, PVC
sold for ¥3333
released 2012/08/25
130 mm tall
Bought her off otacute for around $35.50 or so.
Details pretty much the same as the other strike witches figma.

Boy am I glade this managed to get relised, even got another around the corner, woot woot.
(favorite strike witch)
hot damn was I exited to get this... or at least I think, exitment is kinda.... yeah... not something I do much anymore...
anywho... lets get to unboxing!!

 similar design to the other SW boxs
 sure is a lot of nice accessorys there, no wonder the fig got delayed, twice.

might be hard to notice, but there was some sort of, thing, on part of her ass.
sort of like superglue after applied to something.
I didn't want to risk damaging the fig by trying to chip it off or something, so sorta just left it.

 Interesting thing they did with this fig, with the little plug, thing, not completely sure what the point is though, I guess to make it easier to put the tail on.

 pretty nice..

 yeah, bit of paint chipped off there right out the box it seems...
that plus the ass thing were kinda weak, but shit happens I guess.

 god damn moe as all hell.

 Comes with the little radar thing of course, they could have been done better, but I expected worse, like stickers or something, they're decent but don't stay in place well

 She will fuck yo shit up boy

 I got nothing, moving on~

 maybe I'm just dumb or something, but I found it a little award while trying to get her to hold the rpg luncher, like, couldn't get the arms to look right, and stuff.

 those things are a bitch to get into their holes, I tried sanding down the end of one of them I had the most trouble getting into place, but was still hard to get in there.

 Interesting thing I found here, the rockets are actually removable, that's sorta neat.

 and here she is with the other already realised strike witches.
if only they made them all...
I'll sure as heck buy each one, just watch me care that I have no income what so ever!

 oh and yeah... I tried doing the green screen thing... clearly it didn't work out too well.

also tried it in front of my TV.

Dunno what else to say about it, it's nice though, aside from the problems the one I got had.

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