Saturday, July 13, 2013

Manabe Nodoka

Figma EX 005 review - K-ON! - Manabe Nodoka

Got this one for arather good deal off a month back or so. Didn't buy it when it first came out because is seemed a bit overpriced for what was essentially the same figure with a different head as some of the other figma in the k-on line.  Same for the Hirasawa Ui figma, which I might get someday but I'm in no hurry. I'm a bit surprised they didn't just include the head for the character like they have with a few other figma in the past such as the lucky star line.
Nodoka box
nothing particulary special about the box to point out, matches the style of the other k-on figma and is rather par for the course for figma itself.
Comes with everything shown, along with a large decal sheet for that blank face.
04Glasses are damn moe.
06 v2
Hat fits pretty well and stays in place just fine even without any pegs or whatnot to keep it in place. Glasses are easy to remove and put back in place but don't feel like they'd fall out on their own which is nice.
The quality is pretty much the same as other figma, good paint work no visible seam lines, nice details, good articulation  and so on.
One of the extra faces she comes with a sleepy type face meant to go with the yui figma. It also comes with a blank face you can apply decals to... but again it's for yui, and it's the exact same decal sheet and blankface that came with the yui figma. While that's a nice addition I guess, I'm rather see figures come with accessories  for that same figure. The similar Hirasawa Ui figma is also like this in coming with parts for yui. It makes me wonder why they don't just release expansion packs for their figma if they're gonna do stuff like that? Extras aren't bad but I'd rather see them take the time they spent making those 'extras' and put it into parts for the figure we just bought.
09 v2
Anyways, she's a welcomed addition to the collection.
I noticed this as I got out my yui figma. I've seen this happen with a few of my figma so and thought I should take this chance to warn you guys about it. As you can see the rubbery material their coats are made of is hell on the the plastic stands. so far I've had the tips on three differnt stands broken off to date.
While being careful I was able to pull the thing out without braking it. It's become very weak and soft and easy to brake.
So far it seems this is a problem with every figma that has a rubbery top half around the peg hole for the stand. This includes all K-on figma as well as Figma 106 - lynette bishop. If you have these figma or plan on getting them please be advised they will eat into the stand's peg over time.
Have I mentioned yet that glasses are moe? because they really are.

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