Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Perrine H Clostermann

Strike Witches - Perrine H Clostermann - EX Figure
Released January of 2011
Dimensions H=150 mm (5.85 in)
Produced by Sega
Found this for a nice price on amiami. Cost me about $10 usd.
I was expecting it to be used but showed up new to my surprise.

I'm not big on prize figs but i got this mainly to supplement my strike witches collection of figma and AGP, as sega's line here is in the same 1/12 scale. There's still a chance they might make a figma for this character, but at $10 I figure whatever.

Box it comes in is pretty straight forward although it has no view window thingy. probably because the figure requires some assembly.
  Decent looking sky background as expected.

welp, here it is after putting it together. wasn't too complicated. came in something like ten parts.

Right away I noticed the wing on her left striker was bent from the way it was packaged. The plastic those strikers are made of is a bit flexible, but couldn't bend it back. At least it's not too noticeable in photos.

The back of hair looks really piss poor I think. like someone pushed playdough through a spaghetti strainer.

 Gun looks decent enough, no complaints there.

 Came with the panal lining filled in, not sure how I feel about that. adds some more detail but looks really sloppy in many places.

Gotta say, even in the promo photos those glasses looked like grade A shit. They don't fair much better in person. They look like they're way too big for her, they're missing the sides of the frames and the lens. It's almost comical how bad they look.

Overall I don't regret buying this fig. quality is pretty much what I expected for something this cheap. With the other figs it fits in really well. I'll update this post when I get around to taking a proper group photo.

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