Tuesday, November 8, 2011

lynette bishop

Figma number 106, lynette bishop of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, strike witches.
produced by Max Factory
made of ABS, PVC
sold for ¥3333
released 2011/09/29
130 mm tall
Bought her off otacute for $35.50.
How I wish they would release all the strike witches, but that seems so very unlikely to happen, at best, we might see one or two more.

 Starting with the box as always.
 For some reason, official shots of this fig show her with a slightly blue stand, the same as the miyafuji figma, but it turns out to be the same as every other figma, kind of lame.

Amazingly, as simple as these instructions are, I still manages to mess some things up, such as forgetting to put the tail on first.
 Her striker units, bassed off the supermarine spitfire

 So moe~

Interesting thing about this figure that has given it much criticism, lynette is known in the series and among fans for her large chest size.
yet here, the she's actually been given ghost breasts of sorts.
and by that I mean, she's completely flat chested under that jacket, in a rather lazy move by max factory, her breasts are only on the jacket, and this can be noticed just from looking at her slightly from the side.

Her weapon is a 'boys anti tank rifle'

It's missing the prop stand, but the character's gun didn't have in the show,
no need for a stand in mid air after all.

Detail on the gun could be better.
for one, it's crooked.
also, the sights are blocked.
sure it might have been tuff to make such a tiny hole on a gun of this scale, but it bugged me none the less.
Maybe someday I'll try poking em out with a needle.

 Yeah, it wasn't until after I had taken the images for this blog that I realized I put her striker units on backwards.
I redid a few, but then, it's not like more then five people at the most are gonna read this anyway, so whatever~

Don't worry miyafuji!
lynette has your back!

 and now miyafuji has lynett's back, and front~

miyafuji was really happy to see her.
(pansu borrowed from a revoltech)

 really happy...
(Don't pretend you didn't see this coming.)

 Wouldn't be strike witches without some yuri fan service

 Here we have the joined hand peace being used.

 lynette can't really look up, not because of the pony tail, but because of the way they made her hair, which prevents posing in that direction, something I would think essential for these figures, so that they can, well, see where they're flying.

I really, really, really, really wish they would release all the strike witches.
They might put out a sanya next I hear, after that, probably nothing, maybe one or two when the movie comes out.


  1. Ai ayme one of the 5 chosen onees!

  2. 2nd chosen one!

    Also you sure do know some rather lewd positions...

  3. Wow, this is really nice.

    And I agree with DESU. Delicious Yuri though.