Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shirai Kuroko

Figma number SP-019, Shirai Kuroko (To Aru Kagaku no Railgun)
produced by Max Factory
made of ABS, PVC
Msrp of ¥8980
released 2011/12/08
130 mm tall
Bought her off yahoo.jp (without the game) for around ¥3,600.

I know it's been some time since I've made any posts, but that's mainly because I haven't been buying to many figs lately, and the few I have bought, I've not been taking out of the packaging becuase I might end up selling them if need be.
My time as a NEET is really catching up to me, so I can't really afford to be buying up tons of figs anymore, so don't expect a hole lot more posts from me here, but I've been setting my sights on trying to make a few bucks by buying and selling figs, so here and there I might be able to keep one or two, and I might still make posts about my older figs I haven't already done yet, so there's that..
Along with this fig here, I ordered a bunch of other figures that when sold should make up for it, so it's all good~
This is one I just had to get after all!

Anyways, onto the fig

 Came with this nice little cleaning cloth thingy.

Out the box.

 All the accessories she comes with.
one thing I was quick to notice is that she comes with two versions of the judgment armband, one for normal wear and another being pulled on.
Before I thought it was just the one.

Some instructions.
Can't say I'm crazy about pulling limbs off of figs like you have to here, I think it loosens the joints a bit..  but I might just be worrying about nothing.
After testing it with a magnet, I a bit surprised to see those pins are actually metallic.
Does make me worry about possible damage to the parts in storage though...
I guess I shouldn't be too surprised since all figma have metal screws in their stands, but I think this is the first time I've seen it incorporated with the fig itself.

Something strange I noticed about the handcuffs is how one side really sticks out.
 is it supposed to be like that? and why?
I couldn't think of any possible reason.
That aside, the paint app was a bit sloppy on it, but I guess that's a given with small parts.

My attempt at replicating the first image of this post.
Over all the quality is pretty nice, as expected of figma.

Some of those pins didn't really want to go in, and being metallic as they are, they can sting a bit to force in.
As you might be able to see, her back is a slightly different shade from the front, due to being different materials.

Wolverine wishes he was this cute.

I think the default face she comes with has a lot of versatility to it, and can be used in a number of  situations.
I think you can guess where this is going.

Although they don't really look it, those handcuffs kind of suck.
I found it a bit challenging to get the figma's arms into place to use them, and even then they're only barely staying in place awkwardly, with the hands half out.
I dunno, maybe I'm missing something here...

Unfortunately, as is the case with most figma, she can't tilt her head up, but I guess that's not a big deal.

(cigarette and right hand borrowed from other figs.)

These make for a good pair, It's just to bad they're both pricey to get and exclusive to game bundles.
Good thing though that there will always be people out there who are only interested in the game and are willing to sell the figures by themselves.
last I checked, there were tons of these figs for sale without the game, on yahoo.jp anyway (ebay is a ripoff)
I don't get why they can't just sell two versions, one with and one without the game, and vice versa for the game.
But even this isn't as bad as their approach for the sisters.

I've also got the Touma and Index figmas, butwe'll have to wait and see if I get into those also.

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