Monday, March 19, 2012

Hatsune Miku

Figma number 014, Hatsune Miku  (VOCALOID)
                                                               produced by Max Factory
made of ABS, PVC
Msrp of ¥2380
released 2008/10
140 mm (5.46 in) tall
Originally bought three of her off so I could sell the other two.
(Hey I'm a NEET, I gotta pay for these things somehow)
At the time, these were worth a lot, like $90 USD each on ebay.
lucky I was able to sell the other two I got before the bootlegs rolled out soon after, which really affected the going value.
 Can't say I blame em when a fig's price climbs to three times the original price
Not that I'd knowingly buy a bootleg fig of course.


Comes with a rather modest selection of accessories, but not bad.

 Some pretty nice detail over all.

 It's a nice fig, but I'm not really that crazy about the faces she comes with.
The default face seems kind of cold and emotionless.
and the other seems isn't bad, but being over the type hyper kind of limits the versatility of the figure.
so I wasn't really able to think of that many poses.

 Her hair doesn't really interfere with balance as much as one would think.

I didin't realise it at the time of taking the photo, but both the top and bottom of the stand can be removed, allowing you to slide her hands into place on it, the top part was stuck on good so I thought it was just the bottom but it came off with a good little tug all the same.

And in case you're wondering no, she doesn't have shimapan oddly enough, just plain white.
strange they would miss that detail...

one last thing about this fig...
anyone else find it odd that she comes with a mic, and has a headset mic?
It's a nice accessory to have, don't get me wrong, just doesn't really seem practical I guess you could say, I mean, that would cause some nasty feedback or something wouldn't it? 
but what do I know, maybe one of them in just for show or something.

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