Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Alice Margatroid

Alice Margatroid (東方Project)
 produced by Griffon Enterprises 
made of PVC
Msrp of ¥7200
released on 2010/02
140 mm (5.46 in) tall

 Bought this fig like for or five years ago, can't remember exactly
But i do think this might have been the first fig I bought off amiami, at full price.
before this I had mostly lurked around ebay for figs, mostly buying crummy trading figs and used stuff.

For starters the paint app seems nice all around and i can't complain about it, but right out the box I thought the head positioning was a bit odd pointing down like it is, almost made her look like she has no neck.
Kind of seems like the fig was meant for placement on higher up displays, looking down.

 The waist thing isn't as noticeable from other angels.

There was also some complaing about the possession of shanghai's pole, but that just seems to be the nitpicking of people with dirty minds.

I recall some people complaining about her pose being somewhat boring and uninspired, but it seems find to me.

 Easily my favorite touhou character.

 Something I didn't really notice at all until was pointed out about this fig that a little tough to look past was her waste and how thin it is compared to the rest of her body.
Didn't bother me at all at first, but I guess it's one of those can't unsee type things.

Regardless of some odd design choices  I still rather like this it.

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  1. Wow, she's really cute! Nice grab!