Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hatsune Miku - TF-14A Fei-Yen 254240 sample 
Dennou Senki Virtual-On - Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - TF-14A Fei-Yen - Composite Ver.Kaproduced
by Bandai
Msrp ¥4800
Released on 11/25/2011
Bought this from Amizon when I was thinking of getting into drop shipping to test things out, was also a birthday present to myself (may 8th, yeah I'm that slow with updating this blog). Even if marked as a gift and so on amizon will still use their brand of tape it seems and leave a notice in the box with all the info which might have sellers asking questions, so I wont be doing that I guess.
Anyways, onto the figure.
fei yen miku box
. fei yen miku03
Includes everything shown
fei yen miku04
Thought it was both odd and kinda neat that it comes with a holder for the accessory that can be placed into the stand. Includes a background thing for displaying.
.fei yen miku05
.fei yen miku06
She has some decent detail on her, especially on the arms.
.fei yen miku08
She has a CD player on her back that can be opened and closed.
fei yen miku07
It's a little hard to pull up the CD
.fei yen miku09
You can also pull the disk out and flip it around if you want.
.fei yen miku10
The figure has some decent possibility, but I found her headset mic get in the way a lot when moving around her head.
.fei yen miku11
Of course there's the alternative head she comes with.
.fei yen miku12
.fei yen miku13
Don't really have any complains on this one, although the joints are a bit loser than I'd like to see. For the most part it's a  nice figure.
.fei yen miku14Ended up placing it in a display case I made a while ago, thought it would work better.

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