Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lancelot & Type-02 Guren Mk-II

type-02 copy
Robot Damashii - Code Geass Lancelot & Type-02 Guren Mk-II review

produced by Bandai
Msrp ¥4000
about 125 mm tall
Released 03/2013 & 12/2012
Got these both off amiami. I was mostly interest in the Type-02 Guren Mk-II but got the Lancelot to go with it.
Lancelot box.
Type-02 Guren Mk-II box
03 04 05
Lancelot comes with a very nice selection of items.
Might also point out Lancelot's shield generator seems to fall off very easily.
Guren Mk-II doesn't come with nearly as much by comparison.
. 10
Technically I bought Lancelot used, or at least think I did. The package showed up sealed and it looked new but I found the leg joints were really loose. I'm not sure if that's a problem with the figure or if I did get a used version after all.
Those little scanner things (I think thats what they were I forget) can be pulled right out of the chest and pushed back in, which I think is nice becuase one would expect that sort of thing to be a replacement part instead.
Guren's claw has some decent articulated.
comes with this little black wedge part that goes into the back. Once put in it seems like it's designed so it wont come back out and I'm not even really sure what it's for or why it wasn't already put in place.
. 08
decent possibility all around on both, although Guren Mk-II's belt can restrict leg movement a bit.
Found this pose a bit hard to pull off becuase of the loose joints. he kept wanting to do the splits and fall down, but again this might have been a used version.
.12 13
Guren Mk-II's arm expands nicely.
.14 15
Rifle can be displayed in two modes with the back end that can fold out.
I can't help but think the blue and orange doesn't look that good, looks like a big nurf gun. Doesn't seem like it goes well with Lancelot at all  but that's the original design and who am I to complain about that?
If just one of those grappling hook things could take out a mecha, I wonder why they didn't have a version of them for infantry... maybe something mounted on the back of a truck I don't know... Just seems odd these mecha can withstand so much damage but get taken out by grappling hooks... but I shouldint nitpick too much, if one wanted to start poking holes in code geass's plot you'd be left with something that looks like a screen door.
anyways, I was a bit afraid to test it, but those cables are bendable it seems. which would be good for some action poses. Don't really get why the Guren only has 1, and in a fixed firing position for that matter.
The plastic used on that shield seems a little flimsy, but it doesn't look to bad.
Bandai sure does produce some nice mecha toys.

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