Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gertrud Barkhorn

Strike Witches – Gertrud Barkhorn– AGP (Armor Girls Project) review
produced by Bandai
made of ABS, PVC
Msrp of ¥4500
released 2012/10
Measures 125 mm (4.88 in)
Got this one from Hobbylink japan on sale for 1,350 jpy.
Would have gotten her sooner, but in waiting for her to go on sale over at amiami so I held off, then she sold out shortly after going on that inevitable sale price. At this point it seems pretty safe to say max factory aren't gonna finish this series off with the figma versions any time soon so I'll probably be finishing my collection with these agp, but even bandai seems like they might discontinue this series judging by how things are going so far. For the price these figures are of some pretty shitty quality to put it bluntly and it seems like none of these figures are moving off the shelves until they get heavily discounted. of the four released so far all of them have hit 75% off prices with online retails. Kinda makes me wonder if collecting the whole 501st is just a pipedream.
Barkhorn boxWhile the front of the box is alright the back of it looks kind of dull, like it was left out in the sun and faded. I thought maybe it was just this one but the Earnheart agp I got from amiami also has a dull and faded back.
03Heres everything she comes with. she comes with just the one stand, even though The box shows her holding both guns by their barrels and being held in place with extra stands, but I didn't really expect to find more than one stand anyway.
05She's got weird kind of crossed eyed thing going on. I had actually bought another of this same figure for resale and could see from out the box that both had this cross eye look to them. not sure how they over looked it.
06Her default face is the only one I think looks odd, the rest are perfectly fine.
As you may notice, there are some unsightly seam lines on her ears.
Here we have one of the guns she comes with,  maschinengewehr modell 42 (mg42)
The top one is the one included with the AGP Barkhorn
the bottom one is included with the figma Eila Ilmatar
In my opnion I'd say the the agp version is much nicer and better detailed, especially around the barrel of the guns.
The agp version having removable ammo cartages is a nice touch, but they almost seem too big.
08Her striker units based off the fw190d-6
I should point out here that I didn't get this figure, it was brand new out the package. I point this out becuase it looks like paint has been chipped away on these things, and near the top end it seems like a large amount of glue was squeezed out during the production process between parts and left there to harden and was painted over. also gotta say, I don't like how the agp propeller blades look compared to the figma versions.
Normally I don't do panty shots or focus on them much, but god damn this just looks horrible. I really don't think they should have made the panties and the hips two different parts if it was gonna come out like that.
Yeah I kinda got those things backwards again...
I should note her hands are a bit too big for the gun handles, which makes them very loose fitting.
Those rubber parts of her coat push down on the legs, and made her lower half fall off a lot which got to be extremely frustrating.
I really can't recommend this figure.
6 down 5 to gomy collection is really starting to come together.

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