Sunday, November 17, 2013

Erica Hartmann

Strike Witches – Erica Hartmann – AGP (Armor Girls Project) review

produced by Bandai
made of ABS, PVC
Msrp of ¥4200
released 2013/03
Measures 120 mm (4.68 in)
Bought this one used off amiami after waiting on it to go on sale but missing it when it did so. Bought this a while ago now but just sliped my mind to make a review about it.
heartman boxJust as with the other AGP boxes so far the box looks really faded, mainly on the back.
Comes with just about everything you'd expect.
All of the faces included looked just fine on this one. No noticeable problems as far as I could tell on the main body for the most part.
05I found it a bit odd that the seam lines on her hair were so close to that divide.  seems like they could have easily moved it over a bit forward and hidden it just fine.
06Her strikers aren't as bad as Barkhorn's, but there is still some unsightly roughness near the end there. There's also what looks like a bit of paint chipping on the other side.
07I'm still not crazy about agp wrist joints, but I suppose it can't be helped.
08Didn't have as much of a problem with her lower half falling off as I did with some of the other ago, but it still happened a few times.
09The whatchamacallits you can attach to her strikers come off as a bit cheap but don't look half bad.
12Here are all of my AGP strike witches so far. only one missing is Miyafuji becuase I already have her in figma form.
I was expecting the worst after Barkhorn, but this one wasn't half bad at all. not on par with figma quality but decent enough for the heavily marked down price. Not worth the full price I'd say.
In other news, seems season 3 is confirmed now, so maybe we'll finally see the rest of the 501st get made.

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