Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kiriya Nozomi

Mayoi Neko Overrun! - Kiriya Nozomi 'Excellent Model' review

produced MegaHouse
made of PVC as always
released  5/27/2011
Measures 190 mm tall (7.41 in)
MSRP ¥6800
scale is 1/8
Picked this one up off hobby link a while back when it was on sale.
nozomi box
03Quality seems pretty nice all around.
04Base doesn't seem as sturdy as it could be, Works fine but the base is kind of thin so I wonder if it might have problems latter on.  Neither Nozomi or the cat stick to the base very securely, works fine but it doesn't seem like it'd take much for them to fall out. Cat fell out of it's pegs while moving the figure around once.
The parts of the hair that are supposed to be cat ears could have been a tad bit better done. The edges look like seam lines, I'm not sure if they are but they look kind of like it.
07Both the pose and sculpt seem pretty well done.
13Little cat isn't half bad.
11Her hair accessories weren't as well painted as they could have been, a little on the sloppy side.
Overall this is a pretty darn nice fig with very little things I can find to complain about.

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